Mozzie, Mozzie, Go Away!

I am paranoid with pests & insects, including mosquitoes. Even though we live in the 13th floor, my left & right neighbours do not have any plants, we can still get mosquitoe bites. Especially for AJ, they really love him.

I am concerned with chemical spray to get rid of them, but thank God I managed to find 2 types of repellents that are chemical-free. The Anti-mos can be found in Fairprice at about $16 for 4 small tubs, the Kaps (RM10) is only available in Malaysia. I always load this up when we went up to Kuala Lumpur. I will place 2 small tubs of Anti-mos on AJ's super single-size bed & apply Kaps on his limps & neck when he goes to sleep. This gives me the assurance that he will not be bitten by those naughty mozzies.

If you do experience mozzie bites, try using Anti-mos as it is chemical-free. Avoid those chemical spray at all cost.


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