Bring Your Kids To Work Day @ RP

How did you celebrate Children’s Day with your child(ren)?  For us, it is a fun-filled morning in Republic Polytechnic (RP) where the father works.

After collecting the goodie bag, we proceeded to watch Magic Show. RP has an interest group on magic performance for students & I must say, the standard is high! All of us enjoyed the show so much!

Then AJ proceeded to the pre-registered acting workshop. It did not quite look like an acting workshop to me. Well, so long as AJ enjoyed himself. It was free anyway.

The fun came when AJ got to decorate his own cup cake. The boy had lots of fun decorating it & eating the edible deco as well! :)

What I liked most was the salt art. Honestly, I did not know we can use salt to do this!

Lastly, we had a funny family shot at the Fabfoto booth. Yes, we had a fantastic fun-filled Children's Day!

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