Shower Show

The content below is R(A), please do not attempt to view if you are below 21!

This is our common bathroom which AJ uses to shower & do his business daily.  As you can see, it is pretty boring. No toys, no fanciful stuffs.  But I think, the lack of it brings out more creativity. Remember how innovative we were when we were young, making 'toys' to play out of what seems useless.

The boy gets creative recently.  He imagined himself as a TV presenter of a show called 'Shower Show'. An educational programme for the very young ones.  Everyday, when I bath him, his show will be on.  Day after day I have been listening & watching this 'programme', until today, I decided to audio tape it.

Please enjoy this 'Shower Show' programme, as much as I have enjoyed it everyday :)

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