Let It Rain, It Is Not A Pain

I like it drizzle in the morning, so that I may walk my son to school.
In the wet morning, we take our time to stroll to school.

He wears his rain boot,
because he cant scoot.

He scoots to school on non-rainy days you see. 

As we walk under the rain,

we talk about anything from cars to trains.

I love this precious moment - holding his hand,
for I know not when he would say, mummy, I can walk by myself, you need not hold my hand.

I enjoy fetching him back from school, often a time, under the hot scorching sun.
For it is beyond treasures of the world, to see the smiling face of my precious son.

As he beams from ear to ear,
I know, for sure, I've lots to hear.

We walk & chat,
as I put on his head a little hat.

He tells me what exciting things that have happened,
so much to say that he has no time to pen.

The little moments we have,
is what the Lord gave.

Till the day comes, when he says, mum, I can go alone,
I treasure the time together that money cannot buy alone.

This post is inspired by this article that I have read this morning.

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