Singapore! A Musical Celebration II by Singapore Wind Symphony

We had an enjoyable time when we attended Singapore! A Musical Celebration by Singapore Wind Symphony (SWS) last year August.  Thus, this year, when SWS ran this the 2nd time, we did not hesitate to book the tickets.

The theme last year was on National Day songs.  AJ had a blast!  Children being children, they are generally very patriotic.  AJ is no exception.  Beside the National Day songs, the SWS also partnered with an Acapella group to present traditional songs like Di Tanjong Katong,  Geylang Si Paku Geylang, etc. How nostalgic right?  We felt as though we have been brought back by the time machine.  Oh, those childhood memories!

Following the success last year, this year, the SWS brought to us the musical collections by Singapore composers.  Those hits from stage to screen like Cha Cha Cha, Beauty World, Roytson Tan's 881, Forbidden City & 梁文福's songs were given new lives.  Many of the pieces, if not all, were not written for the wind instruments.  The SWS has got a total of 10 musicians to rearrange these performances pieces.  Such hard work has been put in to make this musical performance possible.

There were also 6 home-grown vocalists/musicians singing along with some of the performance pieces.  The climax of the whole concert was when the star artist Dick Lee made his appearance in the last 2 songs.  

I must also commend that this promising, young conductor Adrian Tan was the soul of the entire concert.  He was able to engage the audience really well.  He would explain the rationale why each piece was selected & its background so that audience, particularly novice like me, would appreciate the music better.  Adrian is also the music director of SWS, Braddell Height Symphony Orchestra & the Saigon Philharmonic.  Quite impressive.

The SWS has planned for Singapore! A Musical Celebration III next year 20 July & the theme would be on Pop & Jazz pieces by local composers.  Would we be attending?  Most likely we would. :)  What about you?

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  1. Thank you for introducing this concert for us. We loved every bit of it and came out feeling so much prouder of our musical heritage in Singapore! :D


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