The Asia Piano Competition 2013 (Preliminary)

Sharing here another joy that AJ would be elated because he would be surrounded with plenty of traditional Chinese words (繁体字) soon.  At the point of writing this blog post, AJ is still not aware of the results yet.

AJ participated in the Asia Piano Competition last year but he did not get into the Final.  This year, he tried again.

The episode that started before the day of competition was a drama that sent his piano teacher's blood pressure high.

We received the notification of this competition in March & we registered him in June before the closing date.  The day of competition was initially set as 7 July.  We did not receive any email notification since submission.  We were also so preoccupied with the Young Talents Project that we overlooked this competition. 

It was not until 4 July when AJ had his piano lesson that his teacher asked about this competition.  I told her I have not received any email notification.  Nonetheless, that moment I decided to keep refreshing the gmail a/c on my Android phone to check.  Lo & behold, 4 emails started to pop up, dated 29 June & 2 July respectively, & they were all about this competition.  The preliminary has been rescheduled to 6 July instead of 7 July!  Suddenly we were all panicked!  He has not prepared himself for this!  He has to play 2 repertoires & 1 of them he has not even memorised the scores yet.

*Panic button pressed*  The piano teacher was stressed, the mom here tried to stay calm & think of solutions, the boy did not know what's happening.

After some discussions, the resolution was this: 
(1) The teacher would go through the newer piece that he was supposed to play within the balance 45mins of the lesson;
(2) AJ would 'ponteng' (skip) school the next day to practise the 2 repertoires;
(3) Mom would supervise closely & send videos of the practices next day to the teacher for immediate feedback & rectification; &
(4) Lastly, 

Armed with those, we went ahead to face the battle field this morning.

We went off after the contestants of the category he was in had finished their pieces.  We were told that the results would be announced at the end of the whole competition & email would be sent out to notify all of us the results.

Tonight, the moment when I put him to bed, I checked for the email.  It came in.  Much to our surprise, we received news that AJ got into the Final.

The Final would be held in Taipei.  AJ would be competing with the finalists from Singapore, Hong Kong , Taiwan, China & Korea in August.

Are we going to Taipei?  
Yes, we are.  It would be an excellent exposure for AJ.  It would certainly serve as a great motivation to him to excel further in music.

I look forward to updating this blog on our trip to Taipei.

Here's the video of the Preliminary this morning:


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