iTaipei Service Apartment (京站国际酒店式公寓) - Taipei 16-22 Aug 2013 Part 1

We settled for iTaipei eventually after some eye boggling search on the Internet for a suitable accommodation in Taipei, taking into consideration that the piano teacher should not stay too far away from us.

A budget hotel is out, a posh one is out of budget.  We have to settle for a slightly-above budget accommodation that is newly renovated or quite new.

Then we also have transportation to consider.  We want it to be near Metro so that we need not have to walk far to get access to public transport.  Taipei's Metro system is so well-connected, it makes a lot of sense to stay near a station.

So when I chanced into iTaipei, I was telling myself this got to be the one!  An approximate of S$220 per night for 3 persons seem reasonable given its location & the quality of the finishing.  Here's what I love about iTaipei:

(1) The Strategic Location
It is located at Taipei Main Station, the interchange of Metro's blue line & red/green line.  The bus interchange, the conventional train station (Tra) & the High Speed Railway (HSR) station are also right there.  It is so convenient for you to take the Metro if you want to travel within Taipei city, take the conventional train to visit the outskirt of Taipei or hop onto the High Speed Railway to other provinces.

Taipei's Metro Map

(2) The Amenities
It is a mixed development where there are retail shops (Qsquare Shopping Centre) right below the apartment & the Metro station right underground.  The walk to the bus interchange, the conventional train station & the High Speed Railway station is all connected via underground linked malls - Y Metro Mall & K Mall.  In event of typhoon, which we did experience, you do not have to worry you have nowhere to go shopping or have your meal.  

(3) The Selection of Room Types
iTaipei offers a wide selection of room types, catering for different needs.  For 1-2 pax, you can choose Deluxe Room, a studio type accommodation.  For 3 pax, you can choose Specialty Suite, which is a 2-bedroom apartment with a double bed & a single bed.  For 4 pax, you can consider Family Twin, which is also a 2-bedroom apartment but bigger than Specialty Suite.  It has 2 double beds.  We stayed in the Specialty Room since we have 3 persons (the piano teacher stayed with us).

(4) Security
It has 4 levels of security.  The first is at the main entrance.  Beside having a security guard there, you need to tap the access card to get to the lobby.  Then you will need to tap the access card to take the lift to a common level to transfer lift.  You will need to tap your access card again to take the next lift to your level.  The access card limits you to the level that you are staying.  You cannot visit other levels.  Then, which is the last, you need to tap the access card to get into your unit. Safe enough?

(5) Comfort of an Apartment
The experience of staying in a hotel & staying in a service apartment is different.  In a service apartment, you have a kitchen where you can cook simple dishes, you have a washing machine which you can use to do your laundry, you have a proper dining table to eat & you have a living room where you can all sit together to watch television programmes or discuss matters.

We really love iTaipei a lot & I would say, should I visit Taipei again, I would love to stay there again!


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