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Does your child love playing computer games or games on mobile phones?  I confess: AJ has been on the laptop quite a lot lately.  But, wait!  It is not because he is playing computer games.  For your information, he doesn’t even play Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Minecraft.  Well, he has been busy doing computer coding & updating his blog.

Yes, I am aware that many parents view technology as ruining the ‘essence of childhood’.  But nowadays even the children's toys are digital & many are programmable, like Legos & Leapfrogs. I think the challenge for parents is in finding applications that can help their children develop new skills while still having fun. We do not deny the fact that we are living in the digital world now, & we can never escape from having computers & handheld devices.  The amount of technology & our reliance on it will increase over time.  Especially for the older kids, it is not something you could avoid totally.  On the other hand, tablets or smartphones do allow children to access a wide range of educational apps & services that can help boost their maths & logic skills, packaged in the appealing form of a game.  Of course, we must have control over the usage of the computer. You may like to click here to read a post I have written previously on setting limits on computer usage.

Instead of being just an end user of computers, we thought we should let the boy understand the logic behind how these things work & learn to create them too.  Instead of allowing the child to bury himself in those computer games, about a year ago, we introduced him to Scratch, a simple coding program developed for children by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.  Scratch is available free online, so anyone can use it. 

We believe coding is a fantastic way to strengthen logical thinking & problem-solving skills.  Ever since we introduced Scratch & Python to AJ, computer coding has become 1 of AJ’s passions.  During the school holidays, we allowed him to devote more time to explore coding by himself.  He has thus finished up quite a few projects.  He has also been reading books about coding.

Since he has been coding for more than a year, we thought he should take coding more seriously.  I am hoping that he could spend the year-end school holidays learning something more in-depth on computer coding & setting up of websites.  Lo & behold!  As I was googling for more information, I found The Kid Coders.  Yay! They have holiday workshops for both these topics as well!  

AJ will be attending these 2 workshops & I'm pretty excited to find out what he will be going through.  What's more, they have good feedback from children who have attended their previous workshops, which is further confirmation that these are the right workshops for him!

"I created lots of things. Making the games is interesting and very cool. I am most proud of creating my games." Ryu, 9

"(It is interesting) because I like to see my very amazing characters move as if they have a life. I learnt to give the computer instructions." ~ Ian, 9

"I like everything and all of the projects in the bootcamp because they're so cool. The teacher is awesome!" ~Nicole, 11

If you have children who are interested in computer games, computer coding or website design/blogging, why don't you consider these workshops that are more structured & thus able to provide your children with a more in-depth understanding?  Besides, if you sign up before 2nd Nov, you'll get to enjoy quite good savings!

For more information, please visit The Kid Coders at:
Tel:  9691 8603 

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.


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