[Review] Aileron Wellness (Sentosa)

I remember the awkwardness when I 1st stepped into a gym many years ago.  The multitude of fitness equipment was overwhelming - I didn't know which was for what purpose though there were instruction panels.  So I didn't dare venture to use many of those machines whenever I go to gym, I only stayed with those I was familiar with - the treadmill, stepper, ski machine & stationery bike, to save myself from the embarrassment.  I was also afraid that those equipment, if improperly used, might result in serious injuries to my body.

Not only have I not tried other equipment in the gym, I never thought of engaging a personal trainer as well.  Cost is 1 concern, ignorance is another.

So you can imagine the excitement when I was invited for a personal training session by Aileron Wellness.  To think that it is nested in the heart of Sentosa Island, at the Amara Sanctuary Resort, made me yearn for that day to come quickly.

Indeed, I fell in love with the place the very morning I visited it.  Unlike most gyms which are usually in the commercial buildings or shopping malls, Aileron Wellness sits on a hill in Sentosa overlooking the South China Sea.  I was surrounded by nature, with birds & crickets chirping, I could immediately feel the sense of relaxation, a renewal of my mind & body.  The strategic location of Aileron Wellness indeed offers an ideal private escape from the bustle of everyday city life.

I was given a quick tour around before I started my training officially.  I stumbled on this & came to realise how true it is.

Wen Liang was my personal trainer.  His life story was an inspiration.

Wen Liang started me off with the Power Plate, a machine which uses whole body vibration technology to achieve better overall result.  The benefits of using Power Plate ranges from healthcare to fitness.  For more details, you may read up on it here.

I had thought that I have pretty long hamstring, which enables me to do sit/stand & reach easily.  Little did I realise the power of Power Plate.  Before doing 3-dimensional stretching on the Power Plate, I could bend & reach the 3rd line of the platform.  But after just 5-10 mins of 3D stretching on the Power Plate, I could reach the 5th line. *Power*

Before stretching on Power Plate

After the 3D stretching on Power Plate

Wen Liang also introduced some training tools like the ViPR, the Sandbell & the Kettlebell to me.  The ViPR is used as a whole body workout, which helps to build muscle & burn calories through strength & movement training.  Thus, it is supposed to be more effective than traditional weight training.

The ViPR, the Sandbell & the Kettlebells

He also brought me to the TRX training corner.  The TRX is an innovative suspension systems that uses your own weight as leverage to increase cardio & metabolic strength, boost endurance & effectively tone all areas of the body.  You can see me doing planking below using the TRX suspension system.  It is certainly not as easy as the usual planking we do on a mat on all fours.  This one requires a lot of balancing using my core muscles.

After the session with him, I am truly convinced of the benefits of having a personal trainer.  A personal trainer can indeed help me to improve my overall fitness as he/she will monitor my progress & fine-tune my program as I go, helping me work my way off plateaus.  A personal trainer would also focus on my unique health concerns such as low-back pain, rehabilitation from injury & pre/postnatal training.  As such, I will be able to achieve maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for me.

Beside providing customised training regime through Personal Training Programme, Aileron Wellness also provides effective group exercise classes specially crafted based on individual fitness objectives.  I was fortunate to meet Sylvia, the Yoga instructor of Aileron Wellness, who did some tension release for my very stiff body.

The 2 yoga instructors here: Kai Ying (left) & Sylvia (right)

The video below invited many envious exclamations when I posted it on my Facebook personal page.  Even the husband was surprised that I was able to hold my ankles & bend my knees that way.  It was definitely a good stretch, without a doubt (thanks Sylvia!).

I really like Aileron Wellness a lot.  1st, the location is already a draw.  If you drive here after work, or come here on a weekend, this place provides a break away from the bustle of everyday city life, which is also important to our soul & mind.  Being fit in the body is one thing, being able to break away from stress & find peace & tranquillity is another.  Aileron Wellness has the advantage over the rest of the fitness centres in terms of its strategic location.  It is a sanctuary on its own.

2nd, the instructors here are down-to-earth, friendly & knowledgeable.  As far as I know, they have a few clients who are on rehabilitation programmes.  The physical conditions of their clients are closely monitored & many actually experience great improvement to their physical well-being.

3rd, they have a wide variety of classes besides personal training.  Aileron has customised personal training, fitness classes (such as Fight Club, Yoga & Pilates), rehabilitation, pre-natal workouts, sports conditioning, food & nutrition education, train-the-trainer course, public workshops, etc.  They serve a wide age group due to the diversity of their services, from teens & kids to the elderly.

Look!  They even have a class exclusively for mummies!  Mums out there hoping to start getting fit need not be shy about it any more.  I am quite keen on this class too!

If you are looking for a gym, why not Aileron Wellness?  From now till 31 October 2014, Aileron Wellness is running a promotion for any new sign-ups or renewals.  They are giving away $100 vouchers from Singapore’s home-grown leading brand, Spa Esprit Group.  Details are found here:

Aileron Wellness
Operating hours: Daily 7.30am to 10pm
Address: 1 Larkhill Road Block 43 #02-38/39 Singapore 099394 (within Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa)
Telephone: 62747138
Email: enquiries@aileron.com.sg


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