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When AJ was much younger, maybe about 2+ to 3+, when he was able to recognise words & read books, I continued using Glenn Doman's (GD) method to teach him reading (link).

But it was not easy for him to read an adult Bible, of course.  So, in order to teach him bible knowledge, I bought The Arch Book Bible Story series, typed out the wordings, scanned the pictures, & made them into separate booklets.  In the sense, they were totally handmade but the storyline & pictures were from the books.  The intention was to keep words on 1 page, picture on another page.  This was the GD way of teaching children to read.  By doing that, 2 purposes were served: 1 - teaching AJ to read effectively; 2 - teaching him some bible stories.

Sample of a DIY booklet

The Arch Book Bible Story series has been around for more than 4 decades.  Each book presents a complete Bible story in a fun-to-read way, captivating children with colourful pictures and creative poems.  It is suitable for children aged 5-9, depending on their language proficiency.

Good News For My Readers!

These 5 titles to be given away!

I am giving away a set of 5 books from the Arch Books Bible Story series to 1 winner.  The titles of the 5 books are:
1) The Story of Creation
2) The Fall into Sin
3) Noah's 2-by-2 Adventure
4) Abraham's Big Test
5) 10 Steps to Z-Zing!

Simply follow the steps below & stand a chance to win (local normal postage included)!
1) Be a Facebook fan of mylilbookworm (https://www.facebook.com/mylilbookworm);
2) 'Like' & 'share' my post on this in my Facebook fanpage;
3) Leave a comment on my Facebook fanpage so that I could track your effort & draw a winner from it.

Closing date is 15th Nov 2014 (Sat) 2359.


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