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AJ was blessed with a sponsorship by The Eighth Note Music School to have his hands on a Digital Music course.  He is considered IT savvy for his age and has a strong foundation in music, thus I think this holiday music course suits him well.

His music instructor was Justin Lu, who is a song writer and audio engineer and he plays drum.  Under his pupillage (albeit a very short stint of 4 weeks), AJ has learnt: 

1) Introduction to Audio technology (Digital Music)

2) The various names of the four main cables
- XLR Cable (Microphone Cable)
- 1/4 inch Cable (Instrument Cable)
- 1/8 inch cable
- RCA Cable

3) How to operate an analog mixer.

4) Basic recording set up.

5) Creating an 8 bar jingle using Garage band on the Ipad at 75 BPM.

7) Basic mixing techniques on the IPad.

8) Operating Reaper on a Windows computer.

9) Recording a real instrument using Reaper with the help of an audio interface.

The 4 weeks ended fast because AJ truly enjoyed the class.  He was thrilled to be able to compose music.

AJ with Justin Lu, his music instructor.
The boy wasn't too pleased that it was the last lesson with Teacher Justin.

While the boy was having lessons, I had the chance to observe how the music school functioned.  Frankly, I liked what I saw.  Here are the reasons why:

1) The centre is child-friendly
Considering that I have brought AJ to a few music schools to learn music or to 'look-see-look-see' since he was 2 years old, I noted that this was an essential factor. 

In the light of quite a few encounters that I've had with music schools, in the quest of a good musical education since AJ was 2 years old, I consider this as important.  

The environment at the Parkway Centre branch which I went to was extremely conducive for young children to pick up music.  They had a display of violins, guitars and ukuleles at the lobby not for the sake of display only, but for children to pick up and play with them.  I could hardly believe my eyes at the scene of young children bringing those instruments down from the rack and making 'music' with them.  I haven't come across any other music school that allows that.  The Eighth Note Music School has such a rare culture of allowing young children to explore music freely.

Children can play with these musical instruments freely

2) The staff treated both adults and children with respect
I expected the staff to treat us adults with respect, but I was amazed how they treated the children with utmost respect too.  The folks there were truly warm, friendly and genuinely care for the children.

I saw it with my own eyes - this little girl who was playing with a set of 'musical bells' (see video below) while the counter staff were discussing some operational matters.  The sound she made was loud enough to affect their discussion, but they didn't stop her.  I was so pleased with what I saw.

Are you still in the midst of planning holiday activities for your little ones?  How about some music exploration courses for them?  This is one good way to find out which musical instruments best fit their interest.  The folks at The Eighth Note are giving my readers a waiver of their usual registration fee of S$38. All you need to do is to quote "Mylilbookworm" and 'like' their fanpage to enjoy the waiver!

The Eighth Note Music School

Main Branch
19 Lorong Kilat #01-04 Singapore 598120
Tel: 6465 1418

Parkway Center Branch
Parkway Centre #02-02 Singapore 449408
Tel: 63480628


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