Children Little Museum

I don't have a time machine, I can't bring AJ back to my childhood time to see what kind of life his mummy has led.  I did share with him some of my old photos, bring him to the place I lived in my childhood days and visit the secondary school I have been to. He has a vague idea but I hope I can do more.  I do think that the more a person knows about your life, past or present, the more the person is able to connect with you.  It creates the bond, deepening mutual understanding and strengthens a relationship.

So when we had a free Saturday in the beginning of the year, we brought AJ to this Children Little Museum.  It is a privately owned museum that sits fairly inconspicuous in one of the first few 2-storey shophouses in front of the Sultan Mosque. It is located in 42 Bussorah Street (Kampong Glam, near Lavender MRT station).

You won't miss this adult-sized robot mascot along the five-foot walkway.

I remember having this kind of study desk at home in my kindy days.
Mine was slightly nicer, painted in blue and had some cartoon drawings on it.
It was a sheer joy just to know that I could keep books and stationeries when I flip the cover of the table.  

I showed AJ the stationeries we used last time.
You know, that kind of glue which you need a brush to 'scoop' it up from the container.
Also, the no-frill sharpeners.

Oh these! The familiar water bottle, F&N soda drink bottle, 看图拼字 (Words & Pictures) and the report cards!
They just bring you fond memories, dont' they?

AJ had fun reading this composition and insisted that I must take a photo of it.

He loves this manual typewriter
and had been busy typing on it for at least 15 minutes.

I had the 'briefcase' school bag and the canvas school bag!
I played with these toys too, even the army troop!

Hanging on the wall are these pram, stroller, tricycles, rocking horses, etc.
Did you spot the bicycle without chain?  AJ asked how does it work, haha.

Many of these brands are still around, except, the packaging of their products have all changed.

With the celebration of SG50 this year, I reckon that there will be more opportunity for me to see these oldies.  I guess, besides creating memories with our children, one other way to bond with them is to bring them back to our memories?  If you would like to visit Children Little Museum, the contacts are stated below.

Children Little Museum
Address: 42 Bussorah St, Singapore 199460
Phone: 6298 2713
Opens everyday, 11am-9pm
Entrance Fee: S$2 per person


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