Lunch Date with Wong Li-lin


I remember how the show Triple 9 made James Lye and Wong Li-lin so famous in the 90s.  One pretty face, one handsome one, what better combination can there be on TV screen than this?  That was really when I started to notice Li-lin.

Over the years, she gradually 'disappeared' from the screen except for occasional news I read in the papers.  When The Leap Years was released on the big screen in 2008, I even went to watch.  And the scene where Li-lin, the bride who ran across the bridge in her wedding gown, fully drenched in the rain, was simply beautiful.

All these years I have never seen her out of shape.  She has been lean and fit all along.  I am so envious.  By chance, I came to know that she has a Facebook (FB) fanpage and an Instagram (IG) account, and I started follow her.  I like her fitness and food posts in particular.  She advocates regular exercising and eating well.

And soon, I saw her IG video below, and of course, I did not hesitate to participate.  Who knows? I might win myself a chance to lunch with her, right?

And this was the dish I submitted.  Clean eating without heavily processed food. And you have guessed it, it got me the Luncheon date! I am no domestic goddess, so this piece of news really meant a lot to me. Yippee!

The night before the feast, she posted the slow braised beef cheeks she has cooked.
On boy! It was soooo delicious.  The meat was so tender that it melted in my mouth!
If you would like to have the recipe, it is

Finally, the day came when I got to meet her face-to-face at La Galerie De Dietrich kitchen.  She was cooking in style on her 3-inch heels.  She looked stunning, no doubt.  With porcelain clear skin, looking lean and fit, Li-lin, even at her 40s, still looked so beautiful!  She has absolutely no airs, and she welcomed us promptly, making us feel at ease at once.

Photo credit: Li-lin's FB Fanpage

Here's the appetizer to start the ball rolling! Yums!
Photo credit:

Here's my plate, of which I cleaned up!
The one-and-a-half hour luncheon went past so fast.  We talked about motherhood, parenting, healthy eating/cooking, fitness and exercise, etc, all topics of my interest.  She shared her struggles to wake up early to run, when the food she cooked was not fancied by her children, experiences that are all so real to us normal mothers. Just goes to show that a celebrity's life is not too different from the rest of us, at least in some respects.

A shot with the star!

A group photo to end the lunch.

As if a luncheon with Li-lin was not enough, I have also ordered her latest book (separately) to make sure I do not slack!  If you would like to place your order for this book, please visit

If you want to stay connect with Li-lin, you may follow her on her website, FB Fanpage & IG account, and here they are:
Instagram: @lilinwong


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