A Studio Apartment @ 8 Bassein

About 2 years ago, the husband suddenly brought up the topic on Education Saving Policy for the little boy.  It had not come to my mind that we need to get one for him. But since he brought it up, I invited our mutual friend in the insurance industry for coffee.

So he went through with both of us the education saving policy that his company has to offer.  I was not convinced.  The return-on-investment was too low for my liking.  While some may argue that I should not look at it like an investment, and I should see it as a guarantee amount set aside for AJ's university's needs, I choose to see it as an investment tool.  With that same initial amount I can fork out, if I were to invest it well, the returns will be many fold, so there is no reason why I should get the education saving policy. And I convinced the husband to drop the idea.

With that sum that we had, we bought a studio in district 11 (core central region - CCR).  I was drawn to this area because it is in CCR, very near to Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Mount Elizabeth Hospital which mean rental potential is better, near Novena Square which provides shopping and dinning needs, and only 8 minutes walk to Novena MRT station. It is also a freehold apartment, which is becoming a scarcity these days.

And it did turn out to be a great potential. 3 months later, the government announced that that region will be transformed into Healthcare City Novena. With this masterplan in place, all residential units in close proximity to Healthcare City Novena will benefit greatly in the rental market as more foreign professionals working in this City look to live near to workplace.

Finally, last month the building received its Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P), and we got the keys to the unit. After some rectification works, installation of lights and furnishing up the unit, our studio apartment is ready for rent.

Living Room

Bed on Platform


Study Area


If you or anyone whom you know may be interested to rent this brand new unit, kindly contact this handsome guy below.


  1. Support your idea of diversifying your investment especially in property! :)
    p.s: I know Aaron Chng too. We co-broke in a rental case before. :)


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