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I started engaging part-time domestic cleaner to help clean up my house regularly when my live-in helper left in 2009.  In these six years, I have engaged a few of them.  They were generally women in their 40s or 50s, and were recommended through word-of-mouth.  They normally charge $15-20 an hour.

The main reason why I engaged part-time cleaner is to free up my time. Although I don't work for a company, my time is not free, and I still measure my time.  I would rather spend 3 hours coaching AJ, exercising with AJ, reading, doing my exercises, trading the stock market, catch up with friends, attending a workshop, etc than to do housework. I  measure my time spent, and asked myself could it be used to get better value instead. In the sense, I make sure my time is spent on higher value matters, tangible or intangible.

Helpling offered me a trial session to try out their service a few months ago. Honestly, I was sceptical in the beginning. All these while the cleaners I engaged were through word-of-mouth recommendation. Even though I may not have met them until their first day of service, I have, at least, some feedback of them from the referrals. 

I sat on this offer for a long while until we came back from our Batam trip during the June school holiday when our regular cleaner could not come to clean our messy house. So I engaged Helpling because I was desperate already.

Much to my surprise, the cleaning service turned out to be one of the best I have ever experienced from my past cleaners.  Even booking for the cleaning service was a breeze.  I was so happy with the online booking service and the cleaner that I just booked my second appointment today!

Here is what I like about the online booking platform:

1. User-friendly
The platform is pretty user-friendly and instructions on how-to-book-a-cleaning-service are clear.  One can hardly get lost in this cyberspace.

Step 1 - Click 'Book a Cleaning'

Step 2 - Select the hours you need for general cleaning. Click add-on buttons for more service needed.

Step 3 - Enter your address

Step 4 - Choose the frequency of cleaning service you need and date and time. 

Step 5 - Enter your credit card details. Payment will only be deducted after the service is performed.

Step 6 - Key in extra information for Helpling to take note of if necessary. THE END!

Within minutes, you will receive a notification email acknowledging your booking request.

Helpling will send you an email, usually within 24-48 hours, notifying you on the cleaner assigned.

2. Insurance Coverage
All Helpling cleanings are backed by a public liability insurance policy of up to $1 million, and the policy is underwritten by one of the largest general insurance providers in the world. This covers damage to property caused by their cleaning partners, among others. This is something you will not get from those aunties engaged through word-of-mouth.

3. Book the Same Cleaner

We all know how important it is when we are able to get a reliable cleaner. Yes, at Helpling, you are able to book the same cleaner that you like. I am happy with the service I have gotten from the cleaner who came previously, so I am engaging her again.

Things to Take Note:

1. Keep All Your Valuables
To avoid all unnecessary suspicion on your lost of items, it is best to keep your valuables locked in a safe and secure place.  This will avoid unnecessary disputes.

2. Set Your Expectation Right
Please do not expect the cleaners to do the cleaning job in miracle speed. What you could do in 2 hours is probably what they can too. Should they be more efficient, it is a bonus. 

3. Give Instructions Clearly
It is important to give clear instructions. Different home owners have different preferences, so do not expect the cleaners to read your mind or think that it is a norm so everyone must know. 

4. Read The FAQs and Terms and Conditions
Before you start booking a cleaning service with Helpling, do read up the FAQs and Terms and Conditions listed in their website to avoid any misunderstanding.

Good news!  Now you can try out Helpling service and receive 1-hour off your first cleaning. If you are looking for part-time cleaner, it is really worth trying their service.  
Simply click on this link to enjoy your 1-hour off:

Hope you will enjoy their service as much as I do!

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