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Discovering the strength and natural inclination of a child is particularly interesting, and, in my opinion, important to help nurture a child. A child's strength usually stems out from his/her natural inclination and that's how he/she develops preference for certain interests. It takes close observation to discover a child's strength and area of smartness, sometimes some tests may help to discover these too.

When we discovered something unusual about AJ when he was very young, we engaged professional aid to help us confirm our observations.  But these days there are many free tools available which one can use to explore elementary discovery, one of which is the Multi-Intelligence (MI) Survey available on Actualyse's website.

AJ has done an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test when he was 5, so I know where he stands. But I am also interested to know what other areas he might be good at so that we, as parents, could help nurture him further.  So I got him to try the MI survey on Actualyse's website. I tried it on myself too.

Interestingly, AJ and I shared some aspects of MI, which didn't come as a surprise to me as he did have some of my traits and I know him quite like a book, haha ... ... Go and try, and have some fun discovering your child's or your own areas of intelligence. is an education and learning resource website established by Isabelle Loo, an ex-educator. It is a one-stop education and learning resource portal. Apart from having a directory of teaching schools, the portal is also integrated with multi-disciplinary, life-long learning materials, enrichment schools geared at developing diverse talents, specialists to treat learning issues and professional courses for skill enhancement.

Additional features like Catalyst Library, Forum and Buzz! will complement the directories, creating a platform for an online community for parents, students and experts keen on education and learning.

Just last week, I was invited to Actualyse's event on Nurturing Natural Intelligence (1 of the 8 MIs) at The Plant Story. Oh boy! I had so much fun making a rainforest terrarium!  I do not have green fingers, and I am glad to know that I need not have them with terrarium! They are so easy to maintain and I now know that having a miniature urban garden right at home is possible.

Photo credit: Actualyse

Photo credit: Actualyse

My creation! will be pumping up more activities in the coming months so do sign up as a member (free) to enjoy the benefits of this platform!


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