Mercy Relief To South India - A Call From MAPIC

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Mercy Relief, Singapore’s home-grown humanitarian non-governmental-organisation (NGO), will be disbursing funds raised in a public fundraising appeal in Singapore to support ongoing disaster relief efforts in South India where devastating floods struck over the past week. It was estimated that 3 million people have been affected by the massive floods, with over 5,000 houses submerged under water and their inhabitants now living on rooftops and flyovers. The city faces a huge shortage of emergency supplies such as safe drinking water, food and medicine.

This campaign, running from 4th December 2015 through to 31st January 2016, will be used for procurement and distribution of food items, water, household essentials and basic medical supplies. 

One of the organizations that is moved to drive this campaign is MAPIC. The organizer has generously put up a Global Property Investment Conference (GPIC) for all who are willing to learn from the 3 investment experts and, at the same time, do a freewill donation to this fund.

Whether you are buying your first home or your umpteenth investment property, given how the property market has ‘shakened up’ in 2015, it is no surprise you and many other Singaporeans are feeling a little nervous about the property market in 2016… 

unless you’re able to find answers to these important questions ---

Is 2016 finally the best time to invest in residential private property?
Or are private home prices going to continue to slide?
How will higher interest rates affect local mortgages in 2016?
Will cooling measures finally be eased in 2016?
and much, much more…

It is for this very reason why the 2nd Global Property Investment Convention (GPIC) is happening this coming 25th January 2016…

GPIC is a 100% free Charity event. It’s not insurance, MLM or any other money-making scheme. Plus, you have their word that their speakers will NOT be selling you on stage. This is a 100% content-packed event.

All MAPIC asks from you is that if you enjoy the seminar and got value out of it, please be so kind to pledge a tiny donation to the Mercy Relief South India Fund. Your little donation will do much to these victims.

To register for the GPIC event:
For more information on Mercy Relief South India Fund:


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