Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine 和平香港奥菜

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Do you love Cantonese Cuisine? Then you probably have heard of Wo Peng (和平). It's Platinum Award Winner Hong Kong Chef Julian Tam's  (谭国辉师傅) famous Poon Choy (盆菜), a traditional Chinese dish, was one of the delicious delicacies we have salivated early this month. There are 13 premium ingredients  in this Poon Choy, namely, abalone, conpoy, pattern shitake, fresh prawn, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried oyster, black moss, broccoli, pig tender, roasted pork, pig skin and tianjin cabbage. Chef Tam carefully layered the ingredients to bring out the best flavour to the taste of the whole dish. Usually we will see more expensive ingredients on the surface, but those who are patient enough to last till the bottom of the dish will be rewarded with flavourful cabbage and roasted pork.

I also had a taste of Vegetarian Salmon Yu-Sheng Organic Garden Greens with Crispy Fish Skin, a change from the traditional Yu Sheng which has real raw fish. What I like most in this dish is that it actually has a lot of green leafy which adds to the crisp. The mock salmon may not pass off as a real fish in the mouth, but it surely does in the eyes.

My most loved has to be Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Chinese Sausages as I have a weakness for glutinous rice. This dish is so fragrant, and coupled with diced Chinese sausages, it is hard to resist even if my stomach is full!

We also had Double-boiled Whole Chicken Stuffed with Glutinous Rice and Ginseng Soup for our soul and body. I am a soup person, so I am more than delighted to see this in the menu. We dank up all the nourishing herbal soup but I would not advise eating the chicken except for the thigh and the drum because these are the two parts that are more suitable for double-boiling.

Why have chicken when you can have duck? I prefer ducks because they are usually free range, not caged. This Smoked and Roasted Duck with Camphor and Chinese Tea Leave is salty enough (because it is smoked) yet crispy (because it is roasted). The two-step cooking makes the duck very tasty. You should try!

This dish - Sauteed "Peach Resin" with Egg White and Green Vegetables gave me an idea how I could decorate my vegetable :).  If you are ordering vegetables, this is one dish you could consider. The egg white goes so well with the vegetables. I had many helpings.

Because part of the Chinese New Year traditions is to eat "Nian Gao", so we had Fried Nian Gao and Fried Carrot Cake. Surprisingly, the Cantonese style Nian Gao is not as sweet as the Hokkien style. Yay to that. Now you can indulge with less guilt! 

If you are planning to dine out this festive season and you love Cantonese cuisine, may I recommend Wo Peng to you. The restaurant is currently running special promotion this season, click on the link here to find out. 

A mandatory shot with the Chef!

Wo Peng Cuisine
Furama Hotel and Shopping Centre 
60 Eu Tong Seng Street #03-01/02
Singapore 059804
Tel: 65342282 / 65332282

Serangoon Garden
1 Maju Ave, MyVillage #02-01/02
Singapore 556679
Tel: 66347666 / 91072689


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