6 Tips On How To Survive Through Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide (BBG)

I started using Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guide (BBG) about one and a half year ago. It was a difficult journey. I started, and I stopped due to some ailments. I restarted, and I stopped due to some ailments again. So it was going on/off/on/off for this long.

I tried her guide not because I wanted a bikini body, I don't even own a bikini. I tried her BBG because I thought it is the most convenient systematic home workout available in the market.

I don't quite fancy jogging. I don't quite like going to a fitness centre to workout because travelling takes up time. So the easiest way is, perhaps, to follow a systematic guide which I can do at home.

However, I have to admit that working out at home, without any companion(s) pushing you, without any instructor hounding you, can be a very challenging task. You need a lot of self-discipline to keep it going. 

Having been through this one and a half year, I have a better idea what is going on with my own body, I am ready to restart BBG, in fact I am doing really fine on BBG now. Are you also on BBG or keen to start on it? Here's what I believe that keeps me going:

1. Follow Kayla Itsines' Social Media
I follow her Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG). She will post the progress of some of the ladies who did her programme with great results. If this solid evidence that proves her guide works is not convincing enough, I don't know what else would.

2. Follow Other Fitspo's Social Media

Beside following Kayla on FB and IG, I also follow some fitspo on IG. Following them simply inspires me to work harder and stay focus. These are the ladies I follow:

- Jamie Teo
Local celebrity and fit mommy who needs no introduction. She spends time working out at home everyday. Can you imagine that? And her abs ... ... I drool ... ...

- Dawn Sim
Mom of 4 (say wow!) and she is a yoga instructor She runs a yoga studio recently. Her 3 girls also enjoy yoga-ing with her. Her littlest is barely one year old and she is already back to her pre-pregnancy fitness. What say you?

Jasmine Chong
Another yoga studio owner (Yoga Lab). I have a package with Yoga Lab because I visit them whenever I need to drop the boy for choir practice on weekday. Sometimes Jasmine will post some tutorial videos/photos on some yoga poses.

Jia Min
Jia Min is my favourite yoga instructor in Yoga Lab.  She is very skinny but very, very strong. Her yoga poses will cause your jaw to drop, really, not joking.

- Sara
She is religious in BBG. Seeing her work-out videos will just motivate me to keep it going.

- Kellen Lemos
Kellen is not using BBG but all her videos in IG consist of short yet high intensity workouts which one could do at home. Each of her workout is targeted on certain of part of our body. It is perfect for target area workout.

3. Condition Your Body Before You Start
Whoever told you BBG is an easy workout is a liar. It is not an easy workout but it doesn't mean it is an impossible workout. After all, there are many ladies who have finished Guide Book 1 and even 2 round the globe. But, if you have not been exercising for a long period of time, you should condition your body first before starting it. You could probably consider jogging for 3-5km, climb the stairs (10 storeys) or sometime like that twice a week first. When you no longer feel breathless on such cardio exercises, you could head on to BBG.

  See what I mean? It is not that easy a workout.

4. A Little Investment
I see a little investment needful to kick start this BBG home workout. Of course, you need sports bra (haha, I don't need to show you picture right?). I also have a pair of sports shoes which I would only wear indoor (because I don't want to dirty my house), an exercise mat, a pair of dumbbells (I use 2kg), a heavy book (as medicine ball), a skipping rope, an ikea storage stool (as bench) and a pair of elbow guards for commandos exercise to prevent abrasion to my elbows.

5. Do It Thrice A Week
Kayla Itsine's workout consist of 2 circuits and they are to be repeated once. Each circuit is 7 mins, so the total workout time is 28 mins. For a start, I do not suggest you stress yourself with the timing. It is okay to just finish 2 circuits without repeating them. It is okay to drag the timing. Until today I am unable to finish the entire workout under 28 mins, but I will complete the 2 circuits and repeat them. The key is to persevere on, and make the workout a habit yet not burn yourself out and drop it totally.

6. Eat Well
Yes, you need to eat well. Eating is 80%, exercising is 20%. You can't expect bingeing and hoping that exercise will correct your input. 

Lastly, if you would like to have a copy of Kayla Itsines' BBG book 1, please click on this link to download. Enjoy your workout! Sweat it out!


  1. Hi, thanks for the bbg, I've been looking at getting this for a while now, but always questioning if I'll stick with it as I've no one to do it with. Will now give it a go by myself. Have a lovely day and thanks again!


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