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I blogged about more than a year ago here when I was invited to their soft launch of this educational portal. Throughout this one year, I got to know the founder, Isabelle Loo, better through the TalkShow competition her company had organised and the Facebook (FB) communication channel. I have also invited Isabelle to join my FB group and she has been a great contributor answering some questions posted by the members and posting up helpful links.

Throughout this year, I witnessed how much hard work this ex-MOE educator has put in in her baby to make a very comprehensive private school directory.

Isabelle and I (photo source). Congratulations, Isabelle!

As a mom blogger, I often have friends and readers asking me which tuition centre is good, which enrichment courses would I recommend, etc. With this very comprehensive private school directory, one can easily search for these tuition centres or enrichment centres near your place, have the highest good reviews, etc. The portal categories the domains basing on Dr. Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) which he developed in 1983. Parents are also encouraged to provide meaningful and authentic reviews of the centres which their children have gone to. It has powerful filtering and shortlisting functions that can help you and your child to find the ideal school.

To understand you or your child's natural talents better, and to identify your or his/her learning style, there is an online MI quiz you or your child could try. Click here to get to the quiz.

To satisfy your curiosity, here's my result

Go try and play around with the site, I believe it will give you more insight.

Lastly, I wish Isabelle and her team a Happy Teachers' Day!


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