Birthday Celebration At Blend It Up

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The boy turned 10 last Saturday and we had a feast with him with my sister's family. But we usually have a chain of celebrations with different groups of people. So, on Tuesday, our family went to Blend It Up for another feast, just the 3 of us. 

Blend It Up is an Italian Fusion Casual Dining restaurant along Upper Paya Lebar Road helmed by popular Celebrity Chef, Peter Neo. His latest venture into Italian fusion food, combining local flavours with Italian dishes brings a new face to casual dining. 

Celebrity Chef Peter Neo

Blend It Up is a play on the restaurant’s fusion concept, bringing an Asian twist to Italian cuisine. With a local spin on classic Italian dishes, you could observe the Asian favourites like salted egg, roasted pork belly, tom yum, etc. subtly introduced in the extensive menu.

Walls of fame in Blend It Up

More importantly, it represents Chef Peter Neo’s guiding principle to only use the freshest quality ingredients, blending all of them together with their natural goodness to create the restaurant’s handcrafted soups, sauces and mains.

The first dish that was served was AJ's favourite. This thick, rich and creamy bowl of Mushroom Soup contains chunks of mushroom in every mouthful. 

Mushroom Soup 

As for me, I love this Seafood Soup concocted with prawn, clams, mussel and squid in spicy tomato sauce, white wine and basil leaves. It was not too salty, not too spicy and not too sweet, everything was just right and the soup was just too good to share.

Seafood Soup

Our main dish included this delectable thin and crispy crust signature pizza with feta and mozzarella cheese, honey baked ham, mushroom and sunny side up. This is Blend It Up Pasta. The uniqueness is in its sunny side up. The yolk will just ooze out if you peel off the pizza. If you want to have the whole egg yolk on its own (like I do), use a spoon to scoop out the yolk first.

Blend It Up Pizza 

A foolproof method that my mother had taught me to test if the prawns are fresh is to check if the shells stuck to flesh. I tell you, the prawns I have eaten in the Seafood Soup, in the Tom Yum Pasta and the Prawn Paste Pasta were so flesh and I could de-shell them for AJ to eat so effortlessly.

The husband loves this plate of Tom Yum Pasta so much that he cleaned it up alone. Fortunately I had 2 mouthful before I passed it to him. I too, would have cleaned it up if I wasn't watching my carbo intake. We are super afraid of tom yum which is spicy that could choke us if we aren't careful, but this plate of Tom Yum Pasta has the intensity that was just right. It was bagus!

Tom Yum Pasta

The next main course that we had was Prawn Paste Pasta. This is a dry version, much like stir-fry, and was very delicious. If you love spicy food, this will definitely suit your palate.

Prawn Paste Pasta

Before we left, we had the chance to taste this mouth-watering Sesame Lava Cake that is not launched yet. Woo... you got to watch the video below. I simply wiped up all the sesame lava. It was slightly salty, not on the sweet side, totally suit my palate. The vanilla ice-cream was licked clean by the little boy, of course.

Sesame Lave Cake

We are giving away five $10 Blend It Up vouchers for you to feast. Hop on to my instagram to check it out! Of course, you will be too eager to try, and here's a good offer for you. Visit Blend It Up on weekdays (excluding Public Holidays) between 11.30am to 3pm and enjoy a 1 for 1 offer (selected dishes). I'm definitely going to take advantage of this offer, it is so worth it!

Blend It Up

About Chef Peter Neo

Celebrity Chef Peter Neo has 35 years of culinary experience and was the former Chef di Partie at Raffles Hotel. Following his passion, he spent time in Italy learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine from some of the best Italian chefs. Upon his return to Singapore, he joined an established local Italian restaurant chain.

He is the man behind local Italian restaurant Pietro Ristorante Italiano, formerly from Raffles Hotel and Bruno, and his latest venture into Italian fusion food is represented through his quaint and cosy restaurant, Blend It Up.

Chef Peter Neo is well-known for his exceptional culinary skills with numerous awards and accolades, widely sought after for food demonstrations and has previously contributed his own recipes to local magazines. He has appeared on various TV programmes, radio shows and events showcasing his culinary skills.

About Blend It Up

Blend It Up has a cosy and quaint interior and is the perfect place for you to visit with your family, loved ones and friends. Enjoy authentic, affordable, fresh and delightful dishes prepared with commitment and dedication to bring you the finest Italian casual dining experience.

Blend It Up is also open for corporate or private events. Capacity: 45 pax  

Blend It Up is located at 325 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Quemoy Building S(534946). Telephone Number: 6281 2688

Operating hours (daily): Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm | Dinner: 6 to 10:30pm 


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