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I have been very busy this year, and the next, so the 10th year-old birthday party has to be 'sub-contracted' because I have no time to prepare at all. Thankfully, Pastamania' Doughworkz came to the rescue, phew!

All I have to do was:

  1. check with Doughworkz whether my choice venue (3 locations to choose from: SMU, Serangoon Nex or Sengkang Recreation Centre) and timing (2 time slots to choose from) are available;
  2. once that is confirmed, visit the party site at least 1 week before the party to pay for the deposit and collect the birthday invitation cards;
  3. then you give out the invitation cards and wait for the RSVP.

That's all! It's as simple as ABC and it is completely hassle free. And if you would like to have a birthday cake, please order one from a bakery that is halal-certified.

On the party day itself ... ...

We went there slightly early and some of his friends were already there. And then the havoc of boys-only party started.

Love this wall feature that hangs the bags!

The functional kitchen

Chef hats, aprons and goodie bags

The first thing he did was to ring the bell

When all the boys arrived, yes, he specifically asked for boys-only birthday party, the party started rolling. The party host asked the boy to ring the bell to signal the start of the party. 

Ring the bell, again

Running through the history of pasta. Lots to learn!

The boys were seated to learn about the history of pasta first. Wow! We didn't know that pasta has been around for more than 1000 years, created by Arab and that it is made from Durum Wheat. Because there was no dough mixer then, people in the ancient time step on the dough on bare feet to knead it. Do you know how many types of pasta are there? I didn't know there was over 650 types! Amazing pasta history lesson the boys had (and the accompanying parents too!). 

After the pasta history lesson, it was time to knead the dough! But first, the children need to wash their hands. Then they put on the aprons and chef hats.

The party host went through with the children the ingredients needed to make the dough. Then she used the gigantic dough mixer to mix the dough. The process was projected onto the projector screen to safeguard the children, preventing them from going near the mixer. Then they were each given a dough to start powdering and flatten it.

The ingredients to make the pasta dough

This is the way we powder our dough

While waiting, why not?

The most exciting part was, perhaps, decorating their very own pizza! Each child was given a set of cheese, chicken ham, mushrooms and tomato pasta to do up their own 7-inch pizza.

Ingredients for the pizza 

Let's start making pizza!

Yup, all the pizzas were labelled so that they would go to the right owners 

While the pizzas were being baked, we sang birthday songs (English, Mandarin and French) to the little boy.

A mandatory group photo 

While they were eating their cakes, their own pizzas were gradually served 

Nothing beats eating your own fruit of your labour. Gotta be the yummiest pizza ever!

Lest you think the children only had pizzas and birthday cakes, nope. Doughworkz also served finger food and packet drinks as part of the birthday party package. The amount of food were adequate, not to worry. The boys didn't even finish all those finger foods.

And just like that, 2 hours had passed and it was time to bid farewell to Doughworkz. I must say, every boy in the party had thoroughly enjoyed the party. As for me, I am just so glad that I had someone hosting it. It was just great to sit back and relax and let someone else run the party with everything else being well taken care of.

Pastamania Doughworkz Birthday Package
$450 Package – for 15 pax ($25 for each additional kid)
Venue Rental (2hrs)
Party Host & Chef
Party Balloon
Birthday Invites
Doughworkz Merchandise
Party Snacks & Drinks

$650 Package – for 20 pax ($25 for each additional kid)
Venue Rental (2.5hrs)
Party Host & Chef
Party Balloon
Birthday Invites
Doughworkz Merchandise
Party Snacks & Drinks
Doughworkz’s Certificate 

Photo Taking 

To book a party, please fill up your request here.


  1. Hi. I am planning to sign up the birthday party for my girl too. May I know which package did you get for your son?


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