Regaining Confidence with Halley Medical Aesthetics’ CoolSculpting Treatment


A new year. A new start.

Time flies, it is almost 4 months since I last had CoolSculpting by Zeltiq at Halley Medical Aesthetics (see my previous post). As you may have seen in my previous post, I was able to fit into my cheongsam effortlessly 7 weeks after the treatment. 16 weeks on, how did I fare? The pictures showed it all.

It is said, a man (or woman) is the product of what his (or her) thoughts. I do believe positive outlook will generate positive action, and thus produces positive results. And the cycle repeats. I believe CoolSculpting can help me in contouring my body, and so I went for it. Indeed it did. And when I saw a better bodyline, I got motivated to wanting to maintain it. That had motivated me to embark on a regular exercise routine, to maintain what I have achieved. Right now, I am feeling so good about myself.

As mentioned in my previous post, CoolSculpting is not about losing weight, it is about body contouring. This is about getting rid of the stubborn body fat in areas like the tummy and thighs where spot exercising cannot remove so as to shape your body. If you feel that certain parts of your body need improvement, you should just do it. You may be surprised, by so doing, you gain more confidence as a result. When you feel confident, you feel you can achieve more. All the positive vibes will start flowing in. Besides, aesthetics services have become more affordable now, we really didn’t have to burn a big hole in our pocket to make ourselves look better.

A new year, a new start?
It’s really a choice. I’m just glad that I have made that choice. Now, not only are my tummy and thighs toner, I could easily fit into my clothes. I am now more confident, I definitely look better.

Onward to a better, fitter and healthier 2017! Cheers!

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