Sarahbelle's Playful Puns

[Book Review]

Wouldn’t it be fun to pun with homophone?
Wouldn't it impresses you that a 6-year-old could do that?

Anastasia, the author of Sarabelle’s Playful Puns, wrote this book about her eldest daughter (6YO) who seems to have great fun playing with words with her in their daily conversations. So much so that it inspired this mother, Anastasia, to write this book, hoping to leave a legacy to her daughter and immortalise the precious things that her daughter has said. Through this story - Sarabelle’s Playful Puns, Anastasia hopes to demonstrate that language is very much alive and fun.

Would you support the love of this mother? She has a crowd funding site here. If you are looking at bulk purchases, you may like to visit this website. Otherwise, for loose purchases, you may order the book from this link.

AJ and I had some fun laughing when we read this book. Though the intended audience is children of 4-6, I would strongly suggest parents (or caregivers) to read to/with the children. There are some difficult words in the book which you may need to explain. Along the way, you might also want to explain and coach how homophone works and how to pun to make our conversations/writings interesting.

Before I leave you, I have my copy to give away! This copy was given to me by the author, we have finished reading it and I think it is right to pass-it-on. If you would like to get my copy, please put a comment on my Facebook post. I will do a random draw by 11th Jan (tomorrow) 2359. Normal postage to local address will be absorbed.


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