A Fullerton Love Story Tour

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We are invited back to The Fullerton Hotel, this time, for A Fullerton Love Story Tour.

We gathered at the Concierge at level 1 of The Fullerton Hotel where the resident tour guide took us on a journey through 89 years of legacies, stories and secrets untold in Singapore’s 71st National Monument.

This tour is not just a history tour narrated by the resident tour guide, it is also a theatrical tour where actors will regale you with fact, fiction and a dose of amusing anecdotes stemming from the historic Fullerton Hotel Singapore, which was once home to the General Post Office, Ministry of Finance and the famous Singapore Club.

Edward Choy, who played as the postman

Live history becomes more interesting when love stories are told. You will get to enjoy a most improbable love story between a humble postman played by theatre actor Edward Choy, and a stalwart civil servant; played by theatre actress, Isabelle Chiam; who is trying to reach the upper echelons of the finance world.

One of the highlights is of course, a short tour of the Presidential Suite

 Seen here is Isabelle Chiam; the other theatre actress

I wonder, if AJ could play a song or two here, would we win ourselves a staycation in this suite 

The dining area

This tour is an event organised by The Fullerton Hotel in conjunction with the upcoming Singapore Heritage Festival. The actual tours for public will be held on 6 May and 13 May and are priced at S$78 for adults, $58 for children.

At the end of the tour, divine desserts at The Courtyard will delight you long into the night.

8.00 pm - 9.30 pm: A Fullerton Love Story Drama Tour 
9.30 pm - 11.00 pm: Divine Desserts at The Courtyard

To book your tour for 6 May or 13 May, please click here.


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