Barterli - Online Second Hand Book Trading App

[Product Review]

I love to buy books, so you can imagine after reading those books that I have bought, the books will be back on the shelves. Over years they  accumulated, so I either have to give them away or sell them as second hand books.

When it comes to selling second hand books, I usually sell them through Carousell, Ebay or Facebook. These platforms may have a wide captive audience, but they are not exclusive. They are virtual market places with a lot of noise and distractions because many different items are selling there. They are not exclusive places for book lovers.

I was recommended to Barterli, an app you could download on your phone or tablet, where one could trade second hand books online. I thought this is quite an useful app as it serves the community of book readers exclusively, without the cluttering of other products.

With Barterli, you can scan the ISBN and all the synopsis will be uploaded instantaneously (if there is in the database). Upload of books can be done in matter of seconds. You could also do it mannually by typing it out.

Buying is as easy too!

I have set up an account with Barterli to try out this app. In fact, I have loaded a few books to sell too. Of course, the app can be improved further. For example, I wish I could add more photos of the books that I am selling, but the app restricts it to only 3. I wisgh I could rotate the photo after I have uploaded it but I can't. I believe the app will get better over time, with more people using it and more user feedback.

Did I say this service is free? Yes, it is absolutely free! So go on, give it a try, because every good book deserves a second read.



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