A Peep At The New Changi Airport Terminal 4

When I saw the news on the Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4) Open House on 6 July, I quickly went ahead to book the tour, knowing that it would really be a rare opportunity. So we went this morning, 10 August.

T4 is Singapore’s first start-to-finish self-service airport terminal. Unless there are some issues with your passport, flight or luggage, you can almost DIY from start to boarding the plane. So cool right?

To get to T4 for the Open House, one could take a cab, drive and park at T4 or take public transport to T3 and take the shuttle bus from the T3 Coach Bay. We did the latter.

The T4 Open House is a ticketed event, so verification is required. 

Coach Bay at T3 

 The drop-off area in T4 Departure Hall

 Welcome to T4!

The Check-In Counters at T4

We arrived early so we had some time to check out the Departure Hall. The Food and Beverages stores are not opened yet, but there is a row of vending machines dispensing food, titbits and drinks so we went to try them out. 

The vending machines are operated basing on cashless payment mode, accepting payment mode like Paywave, Android/Apple/Samsung Pay and Ezylink card.

Then we went to the Check-In counter to exchange for our boarding passes, getting ready for the tour.

Getting our boarding passes 

Then we waited around the starting point for our turn to go in. Just at that time, we were approached by one of the friendly ambassadors to download the T4 Open House app. I did as told, turned on my GPS and bluetooth and played some games on the app that could win me some prizes! More information later.

Finally, our 10am tour started and in we went! Our tour began with the automatic self check-in counter, as well as the self luggage check-in. The automated machines scan passports and print boarding passes. The luggage check-in stations weigh the bags, print the luggage tags and do a facial recognition check against your passport photo to confirm you are who you claimed.

Clearing the immigration is a breeze with the new bag scanning machines because we need not remove any items from our carry-on bags for security check any more.

After which, we cruised our way to the transit hall to explore further.

 Peranakan Street

Visitors to T4 Open House can check out the Cathay Pacific's Business Class seats

The full glass panel at the departing pier allows me to capture these 2 (from the same family) this rare moment.

With that, we completed our tour to T4. It took us around an hour. If you are preparing yourselves for the tour, do remember to download the T4 Open House app, the iChangi app and Changi Rewards app. The first app allows you to play location-based games and win some e-vouchers as well as a mystery gift. The other 2 apps allow you to redeem some points and popcorn.

The T4 Open House games in the app were not difficult at all. Here are some e-vouchers I have won!   

And I also won a Mystery Gift, which is this aeroplane plush toy, that can be inverted to be a neck pillow.

I hope you will enjoy your tour if you are going to T4 Open House. For those who didn't get to register, you may have your chance to experience it when you travel some of those Asian airlines. 


  1. Thanks for guiding us through the Changi T4 Open House with these beautiful photos! Happy Travels ahead!

    Tom & Kate,


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