To Teachers With Love - Customised Teachers' Day Gifts

We don't get to meet good teachers all the time, but if we meet one, we want to let him/her know we appreciate him/her.

As a parent and as a blogger, I came across many educators in my child's learning journey and blogging assignments. There are a few whom I observed have keen interest of the kids in their hearts, despite they being business owners themselves. They are GREAT teachers.

Great teachers did not become great by accident. They understand there is more to teaching than delivering instructions. They understand the "Golden Rule" for educators: Teach every child the way you would want your own child to be taught. They define their success by the success of their students. 

 AJ with James from Brainy Moves

 AJ with Jackeline from JCarter Centre for Public Speaking

AJ with Dr. Lee from Staccato

To these great teachers, AJ and I would like to say 'thanks' to them personally. We want to show them our appreciation, so we engaged the service of The Gethsemane Care Ministry (TGCM) to customise mugs with wordings from our hearts to them. 

Customised mugs for AJ's school teachers

The Gethsemane Care Ministry is a Gospel outreach of Gethsemane Bible Presbyterian Church to those who are enslaved in the bondage of drug addiction. It was established in 2005. TGCM strives to improve the lives of their residents by providing livelihood and preparing them to integrate back into the society. The services they provide include house/office moving, disposal, cleaning, painting, and lately, printing. 

If you are thinking of customising gifts for your children's teachers this coming Teachers' Day (1st Sep but celebration is on 31st Aug), do consider the services provided by TGCM. Your support to this ministry will go a great way in providing livelihood to these residents as they fully rely on these jobs for daily provisions.

Lastly, Happy Teachers' Day to great teachers out there!

The Gethsemane Care Ministry
  • For projects pertaining to moving, transportation, disposal, gardening, cleaning and painting, please contact Cayson or Gary at 93372337 or 62816356
  • For printing jobs, please contact John at 91188492


  1. Thank you for the Mug. I really like it. I drink my stress-relief cup of herbal tea every morning with the Mug and reading the message lifts my mood too. This is one of the most thoughtful gift I have received. Thank you for thinking of me. I am greatly humbled. 😊

  2. wow you're so fast in your prep! thanks for the reminder and I think these are very thoughtful... Happy Teacher's Day to all the caring teachers!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Thoughtful idea for Teacher's Day gift. Thanks for the reminder, I had no idea when is Teacher's Day.

  4. Man I haven't even started thinking about Teacher's day yet! These customized mugs are a brilliant idea, though.

  5. A meaningful and practical gift that I would like to receive too! And it's great that it is also part of an outreach support. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I didn't realise Teacher's day is coming soon! Love the cups especially the customised wordings on it. Very thoughtful of you. :)


  7. It's so nice to know of this initiative that supports a good cause as well as bless the teachers. Mugs are nice - at the end of a long tiring day, it's nice to be reminded of some simple truths when sipping away at a relaxing drink. I suppose it can be used for beer too eh? ; )

  8. Love love giving n receiving presents that are practical n at the same time helping the community by giving them a second chance!!! Win win for everyone...

    Jamie Chaw

  9. I love that the cups are individually customised..will kiv for next yr as I've already ordered customised book corners for my boy's teachers..thks for ur kind sharing!

  10. Such a touching gesture for teachers and they so deserve it. Teachers really play very important role for our kids. Lovely mugs!

  11. Great Now i can give a memorable gift to my friends with this beautiful Personalised Mug
    Magic Mug


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