Happy 5th Brick-versary Legoland Malaysia

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The last time we went LEGOLAND® Malaysia was in 2012, exactly the time when it opened. Time flies, this year marks the 5th Brick-versary of LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort. The park has grown tremendously since its opening in September 2012 as the first LEGOLAND® Theme Park in Asia. LEGOLAND® Water Park and Hotel joined to complement the in-park LEGO® experience soon after.

In celebration of the anniversary, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort has put together an ‘upsized’ calendar of activities and special prizes for its visitors everyday, including winning LEGO® sets, annual passes, VIP expeditions, LEGO® Minifigures and even a chance to go on a family holiday to LEGOLAND® Japan Resort from 21st August 2017 –30th September 2017. 

LEGOLAND® Ninjago World

In line with the launch of The LEGO® NINJAGO™ Movie by Warner Bros. Pictures, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort has launched a series of activities that will allow children and families to eat, sleep, train and live like a ninja at the LEGO NINJAGO World training camp in LEGOLAND.

Combining the array of ‘Ninja-packed’ activities in the park is also a full suite of immersive NINJAGO experience, where one can:
Dine at LEGOLAND Hotel Kai’s Sushi Bar
Watch a ninja live puppet show at NINJAGO & The Realm of Shadows
Fight as a ninja in the 4D NINJAGO The Ride
Live like a ninja at the NINJAGO themed rooms

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort has launched a series of activities that will allow aspiring ninja kids and families to hone their ninja skills at the LEGO NINJAGO WORLD training camp. The activities include learning the wisdom of Master Wu, tapping on inner imagination to build the LEGO Monastery of Spinjitsu, mastering the various elements of a ninja warrior through engaging games and more. 

After mastering your ninja skills, you will put your skills test at the LEGOLAND NINJAGO The Ride – a fully immersive 4D dark-ride combining unique hand gesture technology for an enhanced interactive experience. 

With an investment of more than RM40 million, LEGO® NINJAGO™ The Ride is experienced in 3D and features effects such as heat, smoke and wind throughout the adventure, giving guests the ultimate 4D experience. But the real highlight of the ride is its hand gesture technology. This technology enables us to do as the ninjas do and launch fireballs, lightning, shockwaves or ice with hand movements. Hi-tech sensors register these movements with great accuracy and seamlessly launch virtual projectiles towards the targets on display. Up to four guests could sit in each ride vehicle and are guided through various scenes encountering villains and challenges. At the end of the quest, we can view our individual scores on display.

After a good fight, we could choose to retreat to the brand new ninja-fied NINJAGO™ themed rooms at the award-winning LEGOLAND® Hotel – the first of its kind in Asia.

The highlights of the rooms are the NINJAGO™ décors made of LEGO® bricks. From Zane’s titanium falcon, huge dragon eggs to ninja throwing stars, you can expect an enchanting experience. These ninja-themed rooms are add to the three other themed rooms that you could choose from at LEGOLAND® Hotel – namely, Pirate, Adventure and Kingdom. 

Next up, the Virtual Ride

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort will also be launching the World's First LEGO® Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Themed “The Great LEGO® Race” this November. 

This virtual roller coaster uses cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology to build a universe of imagination that will unleash the inner child of everyone. The Great LEGO Race can be ride with or without the VR headset, and is suitable for children ages 6 and up. Wearing the VR headsets will definitely be more fun as one gets to, guests experience the action from every direction – up, down, forward, backward and all points in between – in a spectacular environment completely made of LEGO bricks.

Even if you can't make a trip down to this September to enjoy the 5th Brick-versary perks, don't miss it in November when the The Great LEGO® Race launches. I'm very sure that would be a lot of fun!

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