Multi-Intelligence Linguistic Approach Adopted By Curious Thoughts Academy


We started teaching AJ how to read using Glenn Doman’s Whole Word approach when he was 1 year-old. Within 6 months, he was able to read 2-syllable words. Eventually when he progressed to reading phrases, we realised the limitation of Whole Word approach. There are just that much of whole words one can teach. With that realisation, we transited to teaching him phonics. Fortunately for him, he was able to decode the phonics very well, and he quickly moved on to reading on his own.

While Whole Word approach has its merits, it has its limitations as well. Not many children could be as fortunate as AJ. Some might struggle to decode new and more complicated words because they were not strong in Phonics.

I was recently introduced to this education centre – Curious Thoughts Academy, and that prompted me to find out more about this organisation.

Curious Thoughts Academy is an academy that specializes in English education. It has programmes from pre-school to secondary school level. The pre-schoolers learn phonics using Jolly Phonics with a Victoria Carlton approach while the primary schoolers and above follow the MOE curriculum. What stands them apart from every other enrichment centre is the understanding that every child learns differently, and multiple intelligences are accounted for. They teach accordingly to each individual child’s multiple intelligences, so in a group class, there will be games, movement, music etc. Here’s a Straits Times report on them.

What is more delightful to know is that Curious Thoughts Academy adopts this “pay it forward” practice, whereby a portion of fees from 3 paying students will go towards funding a scholarship for an underprivileged child, enabling the underprivileged child to receive the much needed assistance. It is indeed a noble thought put into action, truly something we must encourage ourselves and our children to do as well.

As we enter into the last quadrant of 2017, and if your child is entering Primary One next year, perhaps it is good to do a check if he/she has a good foundation in phonics. As a child progresses in primary school education, he/she would have lesser time to patch up the fundamentals. It is thus important to start building the foundation solid and firm, before the workload starts piling up.

Curious Thoughts Academy is giving away 2 trial classes for 2 children (each child gets 2 free lessons) who are going to Primary One in 2018. To stand a chance to win the 2 free trial classes, please show us your support by:

(1) Liking Curious Thoughts Academy Facebook Page;
(2) Liking Mylilbookworm Facebook Page; and
(3) Repost this blog post in your Facebook account setting it to ‘Public’ status.

The 2 winners will be announced on 10 Oct 2017. Only parents with children born in 2011 are eligible for the draw.

You might also like to attend their Children's Day Carnival 6-8 Oct 2017 to take a look at their facilities and understand more about their teaching method. To register for the carnival, click here. Entry is free.

Curious Thoughts Academy


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