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12 years of marriage; 4 homes; 3 moves; 1 mover.

We may have moved house many times, but we only use one mover - The Gethsemane Care Ministry.

The Gethsemane Care Ministry (TGCM) is a Gospel outreach of Gethsemane Bible Presbyterian Church to those who are enslaved in the bondage of drug addiction. It was established in 2005.

“One of the leading perils of society today is drug addiction. Through the years, it has ruined many a life and broken many a family more than any other vices have. It is a terrible and merciless affliction that not only brings despair and misery to the drug addict, but also to his family whom he loves and cares about. Though no person in charting the course of his life ever plans to become addicted to drugs, yet year after year we have
seen many who have fallen and found themselves in bondage of it. Drug addicts not only destroy their own health and life by their habit; they also bring misery to the lives of those who are close to them.” 
– Rev Paul Cheng, pastor of Bethel Bible-Presbyterian Church (Melbourne)

This load was the second one.
I did 2 moves for sanity sake because packing and unpacking is no joke.

After quite a few moves, I have become a bit savvy in moving house. We keep our things in plastic containers like these instead of carton boxes. They are a lot durable, especially for very heavy stuff like files, books and hardware. It makes unpacking easier because at one glance I could see the content. It makes cleaning up easier also.

The most fragile (and expensive) item in my household has to be AJ's piano. Yet, I trust it in the hands of the guys in TGCM. You can see the care they have taken from the pictures here.

The TGCM strives to improve the lives of their residents by providing livelihood and preparing them to integrate back into the society. In the last decade and more, they have witnessed the transformation of many sin-wrecked souls. The services they provide include house/office moving, disposal, cleaning, painting, and lately, printing. Your support to this ministry will go a great way in providing livelihood to these residents as they fully rely on these jobs for daily provisions.

For projects pertaining to moving, transportation, disposal, gardening, cleaning and painting, please contact Cayson or Gary at 93372337 or 62816356.

For printing jobs (T-shirts/mugs/bags), please contact John at 91188492.

The Gethsemane Care Ministry


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