Back To School With Stickerkid Labels

[Product Review]

4 days into school re-opening, who is like me who is still so unwilling, so not looking forward to next Monday? As much as the heart is not willing, the head is still sound to face the reality.

The boy is sleeping at 8.30pm now, I have bought his outstanding stationery and files he needs in school and I have labelled his stuff.

Particularly for young children and lower primary students, labelling their belongings would certainly help them to identify their own things (because many children might have the same) and help in recovering their lost items.

Water bottle is one of the common 'lost and found' items. Label it!

Every french horn players are given the same casing, to easily identify his, label it!

I use Stickerkid labels to label some of AJ’s stuff like his water bottle, concert shoes, choir gown, concert attire and files. These are the items which are common (because most of them in the group might have the same) or are easily misplaced. Labelling them helps me to minimize cost (to buy new ones) and the agony to search for the lost items.

Using Stickerkid Iron-On (removable) to 'label' his choir gown because every choir member has the same gown :P 

Same for his orchestra performance suit, every male member wears the same. Label it! 

The whole set!
I like the removable iron-on clothes label because I could remove them when AJ eventually outgrown the clothes and
I can then remove them and pass the clothes on to someone else.

Stickerkid has been already since 2004 and their products are made in Switzerland. We are assured of the quality no less, we are also pretty impressed with the delivery. Though Stickerkid doesn’t specific delivery duration, they despatch your order within 24 hours and we received our items in about a week. This is considered very reasonable, since they are delivered all the way from Switzerland.

Shoe stickers for his concert shoes.
In case someone else has the same design, label it! 

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