HYPOXI: The Fat Loss Solution For A Typical Pear-shape Woman Like Me

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Some people asked me if I am still doing BBG since I have been silence about it. Yes, I am still doing it, because … …

The study, conducted by researchers from York University in Toronto, Ontario, found that, “If you are 40 years old now, you’d have to eat even less and exercise more than  if you were a 40 year old in 1971, to prevent gaining weight,” - theheartsoul.com

Ouch! Hard fact but true fact! Yet, I have to admit to you that I did stop for about 2 months previously because I got bored of it. I then realized that for one to have a regular exercise regime, having a variety of it is important. At least, it applies to me.

I’m glad to be introduced to HYPOXI®, an international brand sought by many celebrities worldwide, including Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole, and has a remarkable 20 years of history. The HYPOXI® method uses patented science and fitness technology that burns 3X more targeted stubborn fat than a typical workout.

You may have known that I am a typical pear-shape old woman, so my trouble areas are the tummy, hip and the thighs. I definitely welcome HYPOXI® because it is targeted at body shaping. 

HYPOXI® is located at #02-14 at BreadTalk HQ, just across the exit of Tai Seng MRT station. There is free parking at BreadTalk HQ on weekdays from 5pm and whole day on weekends and public holidays!

My first session with HYPOXI® was to try the HYPOXI®Dermology (HDC). But before that, the friendly coach took my weight and height via a full body analysis scan to assess my BMI. I was put on a machine that measures my fat percentage and fat deposit.

I was advised by the coach that if I wanted to lose another 3 percent body fats, I was recommended to be put on an intensive programme - 3 days workout + 1 day rest + 3 days workout. 

But I’m pretty alright with 22 percent body fat composite, so I opted to try all the 4 machines HYPOXI® has instead. Because each machine is designed for its unique purposes, I would get to experience the varieties of them and share with you what works best for me and a typical pear-shape woman.


HYPOXI® HDC is a machine that serves 5 purposes: 
1. tackle cellulite issues
2. reduce water retention 
3. drain body toxins
4. train the skin for better elasticity
5. increases blood circulation

It has a complex network of 400 integrated pressure chambers located around the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh region. The chambers act in a similar way to manual cupping, however in its refined state has a number of advantages.

Used on its own, the HDC can improve the skin’s tone and texture. However, the real beauty of the HDC is when it is combined with HYPOXI®’s other training devices. So each time when I tried on HYPOXI®’s other training devices, I would have a session of HDC first.

Each session with HDC is 20 minutes. I have absolutely experienced no discomfort with it. In fact, I love the suction very much and could easily doze off in my session.

Coming up next, my experience with HYPOXI®’s  L250, S120 or Vacunaut training devices. Stay tuned!

30 Tai Seng Street #02-14, Breadtalk IHQ, 534013

64430500 / 64431802 • hello@hypoxisingapore.sg


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