A Lovely Birthday Celebration In Inspirit House

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Our parents have passed away and the only time my sister and I meet up is usually on some occasions like Chinese New Year, Christmas and Birthdays. Birthday! September is my sister's birthday month and it calls for a celebration at Inspirit House!

Inspirit House is a family-orientated bistro located in Punggol Settlement (Punggol Point Road). It serves Eastern/Western fusion cuisines, with a good selection of mocktails and desserts (check out the menu here). This is my first time being in this part of Punggol and I really like its seafront location. Couples could take a nice stroll along the park connector and kids could play at the playground, cycling or simply running about. The atmosphere is serene and it just set the mood right for a delightful meal with family.


We started our meal with, amm ... ..., Starter, of course! If you love clams, this is a must order! The Chilli Clams are fresh and the combi of the chicken broth with white wine is da-boom. One plate of it just wasn't enough for us. 

 The Da-boom Chilli Clams ($19.90)

Who loves Chilli Crab? This is not chilli crab per se but Fried Mantou with Sambal Chilli Crab Dip. The sauce is unlike the seafood restaurant's chilli crab, which is usually sweet. This one has sambal chilli added in, it is a lot spicier than the seafood restaurant's chilli crab. But, if you like sambal chilli, you will love this. It is shiokness. 

 Fried Mantou with Sambal Chilli Crab Dip


The birthday girl loves rice, so she ordered this highly recommended Char Pork Belly Rice Bowl. Wow! The pork belly is succulent with a tint of char-ness. The dou-miao (pea shoots) are crisp yet flavourful. We love this dish very much. If you love rice, you should order this.

Char Pork Belly Rice Bowl

My brother-in-law doesn't take beef so this Pork Loin Steak suits him. It is one of the highly recommended dishes, it is not hard to understand why. The succulent Premium Alberta Pork Loin steak is specially flown in from Canada. Seasoned with salt and pepper only, it is grilled and baked to medium perfection. The meat is so tender that it is good to eat on its own, though it is served with a choice of apple or garlic chilli sauce.

The mashed potato that serves as sides is infused with pear sauce, making the texture a little runny, with a tint of sweetness and buttery taste. 

Pork Loin Steak ($22.90)

The eldest niece had Soy Whiskey Ribeye Steak. It is grilled to medium, quite juicy and tender. It is of expectation but not beyond. Unless you are a hardcore beef eater, the Pork Loin Steak will leave you with a better impression.

Soy Whiskey Ribeye Steak ($29.90)

The second niece ordered Nonya Seabass. The Nonya paste is spread generously on top of the seabass before it goes to the oven. The result is: a very rich Nonya flavour soaking seabass. It is absolutely delicious and appetising, and it goes very well with rice. If you love Nonya dishes, and if you love fish, go for this!

Nonya Seabass ($18.90)

The husband ordered Kecap Manis Seabass, which is, in my opinion, shy of Nonya Seabass. The sauce is served separately, and one is supposed to cut the fish and dip it into the sauce. In terms of the intensity of the flavour, it is naturally far from Nonya Seabass.  

Kacap Manis Seabass ($18.90)

AJ is not adventurous with food. So whenever Fish and Chips are available, he is going with that. The Fish and Chips in Inspirit House is a little different. The seabass is coated with herb batter. The accompanying tartar sauce is also unusual, it is 'Chye Poh' tartar sauce. The fish is fresh, most importantly. AJ gives a thumb up!

Adult-sized Fish and Chips ($18.90)

Because we couldn't get over with the Chilli Clams, we ordered the Chilli Clam Pasta!  OMG! It was so so good! The pasta soaked up the rich chicken broth (with white wine) completely. Our only lament is its serving size. It is too small because it is way too delicious!

Chilli Clam Pasta ($13.90)


We heard the waffle here in Inspirit House is heavenly, but guess what? Luck was not with us that day, the waffle making machine broke down! CRY bucket! So we had our desserts without the waffle. Does that warrant another trip down to Inspirit House? I would think so!

This Chendol with Waffle is supposedly served with waffle, of course. Since we had it without, I am just sharing here my opinion on the Gula Melaka Ice Cream. I would have expected it to be sweet, but no, it is not. The Ice Cream in Inspirit House is made in-house, mind you.

Chendol with Waffle (supposedly) $10.90

My love goes to this - the Black Glutinous Dessert. It is not the traditional black glutinous rice served with coconut milk. This warm dessert is served with in-house vanilla ice cream! This union of warm glutinous rice with light, milky vanilla ice cream just sends one to cloud nine. I have never tasted glutinous rice dessert so nice before. Do order if you like glutinous rice, you won't be disappointed.

Black Glutinous Dessert ($8.90)

If my love goes to the Black Glutinous Dessert, my heart stops here. I can't go a day without coffee, and this Affogato Dessert just made my day. Pour the shot of espresso and baileys into the in-house vanilla ice cream with caramel and nuts, the combination is an absolute divine. If you love coffee and could take a bit of wine, go for this.

Affogato Dessert ($13.90)

The two nieces had moctails - Blue Lagoon and Evergreen. The Blue Lagoon is more intense and it goes well with her Nonya Seabass. Evergreen, on the other hand, has the mild fragrance of earl grey. It goes well with the third niece's Chilli Clam Pasta.

Blue Lagoon and Evergreen (1 for $7.90, 2 for $14)

The Inspirit House has a little play corner for the little ones, so parents could actually choose tables near to this play corner so that the children could play while the parents dine.

As Inspirit House opens as early as 9am on weekends and public holidays, I would reckon that families with kids would be able to enjoy a hearty breakfast, brunch or lunch after some activities in the Punggol Settlement vicinity.

And as it closes at 12mn (1am on Friday and Saturday), this is really a nice hangout place with friends in the evening. 

We would like to thank Inspirit House for this invite to celebrate my sister's birthday. It gave us a chance to discover this corner of Singapore that serves wonderful food with a very nice atmosphere. We will definitely be back for the waffle!

Inspirit House


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