Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous 2008!

I like this season of time, where we get Hari Raya Haji on 20 Dec, Christmas eve (half day of work) & Christmas on 24 & 25 Dec, New Year eve (half day of work) & New Year on 31 Dec & 1 Jan. The father can be at home with AJ, playing with him, giving the mommy the much needed breather & rest. The father is an excellent playmate of AJ, he plays soccer with him, turns on the notebook & plays sesame street games for babies with him, amuses him with all kinds of entertainment one can find at home. AJ adores him too, he knows that the father can play with him, & when he wants to play, he will look for the father. AJ will only come to the mommy when he wants to snack or seek comfort after a fall. Children are smart, therefore we should give them more opportunity to learn so that they can be smarter, give them more advice & teach them so that they can be smarter & wiser as they grow.


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