Teaching by Glenn Doman

I have been diligently reading up on Genn Doman’s series of book lately. I have finished reading ‘How to Teach Your Baby Maths’, ‘How to Teach Your Baby to Read’, ‘How smart is your baby’ & ‘How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge’. I came to know this author by chance when I attended a seminar in KK Hospital. It interests me enough to read more on what his teachings on early childhood education is about.

He taught that children, even at tender age of less than 1, should be exposed to words, maths, music, arts, reading, etc, because they are at the age where they can absorb the most. Once they have passed the age of 6, learning slows down tremendously.

I didn’t know of this fact until I read his books. Prior to this, I do know that young children should be exposed to these so that they can accelerate on their learning. I did not know that at age 6, learning slows down. I did not know that children of age 0 will pick up faster than those of age 1, children of age 1 will pick up faster than those of age 2, etc.

I was quite relief of 2 things after I read his books. One, I started reading to AJ (my son) when he was 3-month old. He was a captive audience as he could not wiggle away from me as he hasn’t learned how to roll over then. He now loves books & can say quite a number of words like ‘car’, ‘cup’, ‘cake’, ‘goal’, ‘bus’, ‘mum’, ‘papa’, ‘orange’ & ‘gou’ (dog in Mandarin); two, if I were to start him on Glenn Doman’s programme, it is still not too late for he is only 1-year old.

Without wasting much time, I went to Bras Basah to buy thick good quality papers, markers, sticker dots & colour papers from Art Friends. I went to websites to source for pictures. I took his photos while he was sleeping, eating, drinking, etc. All these are materials needed for Glenn’s programme & I am D-I-Y the teaching materials.

I have just finished the materials for the Maths programme & am going to put it aside first as I think it is more appropriate to start the reading programme (I read ‘How to Teach Your Baby Maths’ first, thus the materials were made earlier). I am going to start on the reading programme real soon - both English & Chinese. No time to waste.


  1. Hi Jenn.. AJ learn really fast. Congratulation.. its a real joy to see your son growing and learning :)


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