Enjoy learning

I think I have almost finished all the series of Glenn Doman's book :-) except for his books on brain injury, swimming (yes, you can teach your infant to swim), enough & nose is not toe. I'll be borrowing the last 2 books from National Library soon.

Today is the 4th day to the Reading Programme. I can see that AJ is getting the hang of it. Whenever it’s time for the session, I’ll tell him “It’s reading time”, & carry him to the room. When I put him on my bed & when he saw the word cards on the bed, he will put on a big smile. He must be thinking that it is a game, a very brief game that mommy plays with him everyday, many times a day. Learning should be fun.

He can now focus on the word card, & some familiar words like ‘car’, ‘bus’, ‘dog’ & ‘papa’, he will repeat after me with a happy smile. After the brief session, I will open up my arms & he will automatically giggle & come to me. And then I will praise him & bring him out of the room.

I am starting the reading programme slowly. Glenn’s teaching recommends 5 sets of 5 cards per day, but I am introducing only 3 sets of 5 cards a day. I’m planning to insert 2 sessions of picture card next week, thus I do not think I can afford that much time to have that many sessions – it can be taxing for mommy & child :-)

I have just finished all the picture cards & am ready to introduce it to him next week.

Next week will be a whole lot of fun & excitement. My good friend in Australia, along with her maternal family & her 2 sons, are coming to Singapore for a week & they are staying in my house. Her 2nd son – Caleb, is born on the same day as AJ. He was due on full term – 40 weeks, while AJ was 39 weeks. Incidentally, they both decided to come to the world on the same day. I will load some of their photos (the 'twin') next week.


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