Finally, It's MaMa!

Yes, finally, it’s ‘MaMa’. AJ started calling his father ‘Pa’ when he was about 13-month old. But he could not call me yet. As I started teaching him Chinese pronunciation, I introduced the word ‘妈妈’. Lo & behold, he started calling me ‘MaMa’ since. Sometimes he can get so carried away & called his father ‘MaMa’ too, & that has gotten the father jealous. So I have to conscientiously correct him, this is ‘Pa’ & this is ‘MaMa’. In addition, he has added ‘eyes’, ‘yum’, ‘botak’ & ‘manja boy’ to his vocab. These days he has started to walk backward, probably learnt from his mother because I walked backward to watch over him as he freely roam around our neighbourhood.


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