First Haircut

AJ had his first haircut today. Yes, he hasn't been cutting his hair since he was borned! Afterall, unlike the father & the mother, he doesn't have much hair. But those hair were growing long, & were untidy, so we decided to let him have his first hair cut.

The father decided that he should accompany AJ & cut his hair as well. He said that the father should cut first, & AJ watched as the father has his hair cut so that AJ gets to see what it is like & thus is less likely to freak out.

& so we did. The entire experience was smooth. The hairstylist said she will be gentle & that she will not force AJ if he decided that he didn't want the cut. I thought that was very professional. AJ watched what the father did. When it was his turn, he sat on my lap & the razar went all round his head. No cry!! The father also managed to distract him by playing with him. The haircut went smoothly. It was a relief!!

Now AJ is almost 'botak' but, at least, he looks neater now. :-)


  1. Fangxinli+mum&dad13 January 2008 at 21:30

    <33 So cute!~ *lots of love to AJ*


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