Sweet Kisses

AJ is turning 14-mth in a few days’ time, & he is getting real sweet now. I taught him how to kiss when he was about 11-mth, & at that time, his kisses were more like bites on your lips (I taught him to kiss on the mouth). As time passed, he gradually learnt that he doesn’t need to bite. These days, when I ask him to kiss me, he will gently plant his lips on my lips. Sometimes, he will automatically kiss me if my face is near to his. That’s how sweet this little boy is.

AJ is a very ‘manja’ boy. He needs people to play with him, sleep with him, read to him, etc. He can play alone, but not for long. He will go and look for familiar adults to accompany him after a while. When he fell or hurt himself, even if it is not a serious one, he will want people to comfort him.

He seems to have gained some understanding on simple instructions. He is able to give & take things on instructions. He will automatically sit near familiar adults whe he saw him/her holding a book that is meant for him as he knows that it is reading time. It is really a joy to be part of the milestone in his growth & development, I have no regrets making the move to work from home.


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