The Alphabets Wall

I used to have this alphabet cushion tiles, which most parents would also have. I regretted buying it because the tiles are small, so it became very time consuming to remove & tile back. I am not keen to leave them just on the floor. Nope! My house is along the main road & the floor gets dusty easily. If I just leave them there, very soon it will be stained with dirt.

So, I decided to remove the alphabets & throw the rest away. Then I stick one each day, on the wall of his room, as I teach him. How ingenious of me :-)

Now when you ask him what is each alphabet for, he will tell you:

A is for Apple (sometimes it is Aunty or Andrew)
B is for Bus
C is for Cow (sometimes it is Car)
D is for 狗 (because he doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘dog’)
G is for Goat
H is for 马 (because he doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘horse’
M is for Mum Mum (meaning ‘eating’; sometimes it is 妈妈)
O is for Orange
P is for Papa


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