A Mother's Heart

I cannot help but to believe that one has to be a mother in order to fully understand her mother. Before I was a mother, I cannot fully comprehend the depth of love of my mother. When AJ came, I began to go through what she has gone through. And now, I understand.

A mother who cares for her child wants to be there when her child needs her, when the child cry out of fear, pain or discomfort. She wants to be there to assure, comfort, console and support her child. The mother will feel the pain, if her child hurt her/himself; the mother will feel the hurt when her child gets disappointed; and the mother would want to bear all these herself if that be possible, instead of letting her little one goes through them.

Yea, I do not fully comprehend my mother’s love, until I became a mother myself. It makes me understand my Father’s love better too. The Lord Almighty who created the universe & us, loves us more than any humanly love. When you are a parent, you will understand God’s love better. If we, as human parents, can love our children with that kind of depth, how much more is our Father’s love to us, as His children. Yea, what greater love than One who is willing to sacrifice Himself for His loved ones?


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