I Can Read

It has been about 2 months since I started AJ on the GD’s reading programme and I must testify that it seems to work. As he has now started to learn talking, he can pronounce certain words. When I went through those words with him, he will try to pronounce them after me if he can. After a few times, I can just flash the cards without having to read it out – he will read it out instead. Some words that he can now read includes:- ants, ball, bottle, bus, cup, car, cake, egg, eyes, goat, mango, orange, purple.

I brought AJ to the Children's Library yesterday at our block & found out that they have a whole series of the Chinese teach-a-tot books written by my friend & her mum. They used the GD method & publish books on Chinese. So glad to see them there. I borrowed some, just for introductory purpose as I have not officially started AJ on Chinese. Certainly, their books on Chinese sentences & short stories are very helpful as we progress along.


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