KL Trip 28-31 Aug

We went to KL again on 28 Aug to visit AJ’s grandparents & to settle some outstanding matters. The previous time we flew up, this time round we decided to drive up, renting a car from Singapore. The entire journey was about 5 hours door-to-door. If we were to take a coach, it will be 5 hours coach station to coach station. When AJ gets older, we may consider this.

AJ did not quite enjoy the car ride though. He was quite excited at the beginning when we started off from Singapore. He was willing to sit in the borrowed car seat because the seat & the ride were new to him. We timed our departure time to coincide with his nap time so that he can sleep in car. We had quite a peaceful ride, stopping only once for toilet break, until the very last hour when AJ turned cranky. He has sat on the car seat for too long & did not want to sit on it anymore. We had no choice but to take him out.

Thank God we reached AJ’s granduncle & grandaunty’s place on schedule despite the late shower when we reached KL. AJ, my helper & myself stayed there while the father stayed in his parents’ place (there wasn’t sufficient room to house us in AJ’s grandparents’ place).

Thank God for AJ’s granduncle & grandaunty’s hospitality. We had a very comfortable stay in their big & nice condo. AJ enjoyed the stay there because it was a new environment to him, many things to explore, ample space to roam around in the house, a loving granduncle to play with & a caring grandaunty to attend to his needs.

The grandparents were excited to see AJ again. They were thrilled to see that he can sing & dance now. Time flies, the last time AJ visited them was half a year ago.

30 Aug (Sat) was a half day shopping day at Mid Valley. I always like to go to Carrefour in M’sia to stock things like AJ’s diapers, clothing, shoes, toys, toiletries & others because of the good exchange rate that we are enjoying having a strong S$. We bought a tricycle for AJ, though he has one in Singapore already. This one was much smaller which allows him to rest his feet on the pedals nicely. The purpose of buying this is to get him to learn how to pedal well.

We left on 31 Aug (Sun) late morning. Thank God for reminding AJ’s grandaunty that we have left our passports with her otherwise we may have to spend another 4 hours driving back from JB checkpoint to collect the passports & may have to extend another day of stay as a result. As expected, AJ refused to sit on the car seat. So, for the 1st hour on the journey, I gave him this freedom. After lunch at the 1st break, I had to force him to sit on his car seat despite his protest because it is nearing his nap time. Fortunately he did not struggle that long & he soon slept. So we had another 2 hours of peaceful drive under the rain until we reached JB checkpoint when he requested to be out from his car seat again. We reached Singapore at about 4pm. Thank God for journey mercies.


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