Naughty Two Symptoms

AJ is 22 months old today & he is already showing signs of a naughty two. He is now more assertive, & will insist on his wants. If he does not get what he wants, he will either sit on the floor, shed a few drops of tears and asked ‘why not?’. Or he may wiggle his legs & body, trying to express his frustration.

We have been trying to eliminate the explanation of ‘why not’ to him by cutting out the word ‘because’, because I am of the opinion that it will only encourage him to ask more of ‘why not’ rather than listening. So, we simply tell him the reason once & distract him with something else, or, if we can catch it on time, we will distract him before he has the chance to throw tantrum.

Guess where he learnt ‘why not’ from? No, not from us, not from friends, it is from ‘Sesame Street’! Ironically, he has turned the good ‘why not’ from the screen to his way of getting what he wants.

What’s next?


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