Exploring, Experimenting or Testing Limits

AJ is getting naughtier. There were days he attempted to urine on the sofa (yes, he’s off diaper except during sleep) but was stopped on time, urine on his mattress (stained a little). Recently he learnt a new skill – spitting out the water. He acquired this skill while we were brushing his teeth. He was experimenting spitting out water from his drinking bottle one night. We warned him not to do that again. Just yesterday, he did it again. He got whacked from me for doing that because we have already warned him.

AJ can really cry – cry for sympathy I meant. If he got whacked or scolding, he will cry as if he has just suffered from a fall. You know, that kind of cry that will pierce your heart & melt it. Sigh, kids these days can really manipulate parents.

We really need a lot of godly wisdom & patience to teach him.


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