Church Camp 2-6 Dec 08

We went to Bintan Agro Spa Resort on 2-6 Dec 08. It is a break I looked forward to as I can be exclusively available to AJ with no work on hand and no maid along.

Unfortunately, we started quite badly for this trip. AJ had motion sickness during the ferry ride. We were caught unprepared because this was his first ferry ride. He vomited at least 5 times throughout the trip. He was crying with much discomfort and the frustrating part was – we, as parents, cannot relieve him of anything. He vomited on my shirt & jeans. I could smell myself, I was very sure that everyone else in the trip could too. With no extra clothes on hand, I had to bear with it till we reached the Resort. The 2-hr ferry ride was like a half-day ride to me.

The vomiting continued when we had to take a 45-min bus ride from the ferry terminal to the resort. The whole experience was terrible for AJ and us. Thank God he recovered quickly once we were on land (i.e. landed in the Resort).

Days passed quickly when we were there. The messages given by Rev Quek Suan Yew was timely as he reminded us that we are only pilgrims & strangers on this earth. We were reminded not to plan too long ahead.

AJ had his chance of playing in the pool for 2 days. However, he is still afraid of water getting into his eyes so he would only play when the water was below his waist. We were convinced that we should send him for swimming lessons soon.

We were more prepared when we returned back. We packed a few plastic bags and some change of clothes into our handcarry for standby. We fed AJ some anti-vomiting medicine given by a kind sister in camp & also fasted him, refraining him from food & water. The poor boy was super hungry when we reached Singapore at night but we thank God that he survived the ferry ride this time with minimal discomfort.

The trip back came with a little hiccup. Someone in our group mistook our luggage causing us anxiety to search for it. The father was frustrated, thinking that I was the one misplacing it since I was the one who carried it to the ferry. But I was sure that the helpers on the ferry did park our luggage with the rest of them. And of course, there was this extra luggage whom nobody claimed because that person has taken the wrong one. So we have no choice but to lug it along in hope that we could exchange it at some point of time.

The luggage, without tag, was not locked so we opened it up to get some clues. The only clues gathered were: this might belong to a family with at least 2 children and there was a coloured string on it. We knew that this luggage belonged to 1 of our members because we were grouped according to colours and we have coloured string attached to our luggages. So we quickly informed the group leader of that colour code to assist us to search for the owner.

Thank God all ended well. The maid of 1 of our members took the wrong luggage. Eventually, we exchanged the luggages.

What an eventful camp!


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