I was help-less from 28 Nov to 12 Dec 08. Yea, my domestic helper went for home leave, and the photo on top best described me. My helper has been with us for nearing 2 years & she is willing to extend for another year. We are glad to have her, knowing that having a good helper is by God’s mercy. Most importantly, she adores AJ. She has a son who is a year older than AJ. Initially she did not want to go back after 2 years here. She did not say why, but as a mother, my guess is when she sees her son, it will be unbearable to part. If it is not for financial reason, who would want to part from her young ones. But her husband encouraged her to go back & so she did.

I was all prepared that she might not come back for reason above. Thank God she did, much to my relief.

Out of the 14 days that she was away, we were in church camp for 5 days. And 4 days of weekends and public holiday when the father could be around to lend a helping hand (play with AJ). But for the balance 5 days, I was like an octopus, alone with AJ.

AJ came back from camp with an uncontrollable loose stool. So he shitted on his shorts and floor without giving any signal until it happened. And I have housework & my own secular work to do. It was a REAL struggle. It did not help when the father added that Aunty was nicer to AJ than Mama.

Yup, I admit that I was running a little out of patient when so many things happened at one go. With the mess to clean, the market to watch & a toddler’s hands to keep away from (in case he plays with the mess), how sane can one be. And so I was terribly mad with the father when he passed such irresponsible remark & refused to talk to him for a day. Try working at home for a day with this toddler with loose stool to care for & see if you go insane.

Now I appreciate my helper better, haha. The bonus now is: after being alone with AJ for 5 consecutive days, my skills of handling stress improves.


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