The Magic Spoon

AJ takes a loooooong time to eat/drink eversince birth. When he was on milk feed, he took an hour to finish a bottle of milk. Now that he is on solid, he also takes an hour to finish his meal, sometimes hardly half-finished even after an hour. It requires a lot of patience to feed him, which I have little.

AJ loves Thomas and Friends, probably a love kindled since Caleb was staying here with us (Caleb has this toy train). He likes the songs, he likes to watch the short video clips we downloaded from you, he likes the train toy that James & Pauline got for him.

I went to Bishan Junction 8 BHG to get some gifts and happened to see this spoon. It is inexpensive, so I thought why not get one for him.

This evening turned out to be a record in 2 years. He finished his dinner in 20 minutes! Thanks to this magic spoon! He loves to see that train so much that he kept gulping down his food so that he may see it. It came as a very pleasant surprise, though I am also wondering how long this can last. Well, looks like I may have to get spoons of different characters to entice him to speed up his meal consumption.


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