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This is a product review of Lexnfant - babies and toddlers products marketed by Spreesg, an online ecommerce portal in Singapore.  While my child has outgrown the age for these products, I have many friends who have children of this age group.  I have approached 3 of them to try them out & here are the frank & honest reviews by the parents:

I have been using a plastic spoon and bowl to feed my little girl, Danielle for a few months before it dawned on me that they might not be BPA free! How muddle headed can I be. In my frantic search for another feeding set, I was thrilled to receive Lexnfant's Silicone Feeding Spoons and Silicon Oval Plate from a church friend. A quick flip through the information booklet revealed these product benefits:

• Will not stain or absorb odors
• 100% FDA foodgrade material
• Heat resistant up to +220°C
• Freezer safe
• Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Yippee! No more ugly pumpkin and tomato puree stains that I used to experience on those 'cheapo' plastic spoons and definitely BPA free, since it is made of 100% foodgrade material.

I went about to try it while serving Danielle's lunch that day. The oval plate is a hybrid of a bowl and a plate as it was deep enough to hold liquids. It also has a partition that I can use to hold soup and the other ingredients separately. The partition was really useful because Danielle has a penchant for clear soup, and she would only want to take soup with no other ingredients in it and she can be pretty sharp and insistent about that! So this allowed me to separate the soup and the other ingredients for her, without having to use two bowls!

The spoon's long handle also made it easy for my 23 months toddler to hold and the Silicon material provided sufficient and a comfortable grip. In addition, it is also of the right size that fits nicely into her mouth and at the same time, is deep enough to allow her to hold the right amount of soup she wants. I am really happy with these two products and am using it for every meal!

Sherry, mother of Danielle who is 23 months old

This is my girl, Josie. She is one and a half years old. At this age, she yearns to do everything by herself, including feeding herself. I was amazed with Lexnfant silicone large foldable storage bowl with cover because it is foldable. It is made of silicone thus it does not crack or break. Whenever Josie throws the bowl from her high chair, I will just need to wash it. It does not even chip.

I have not seen this type of collapsible bowl design in the market before. The bowl can be folded up to half its original size. Thus, it fits in so nicely in my diaper bag without adding extra bulk. Silicone is an inert material. It is non-toxic, BPA free and non-stick. Knowing this gives me an assurance when I am feeding my baby.

The silicone feeding spoons come in handy too. They are perfect to use to feed Josie who is teething now. The spoons are soft on her gums and the size (length) is just right for her mouth. Josie could scoop her food very well with the spoon.

The bright colours of both the bowl and spoons prove attractive to Josie who constantly prefers this set of cutlery to the rest which I bought for her earlier on. After mealtime, Josie would play with the collapsible bowl by unfolding it and then collapsing it again. The bowl doubles up as a play toy too!

Hannah, mother of Josie who is 18 months old

On first look and feel after removing the cover for the cup, it felt too 'wobbly' and 'soft'. My first thought was that my toddler will not be able to handle the sippy cup that way.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that once the cover was fitted on, the sippy cup was sturdy and no longer 'soft to touch'. My toddler who just turned one in December was curious to try out the sippy cup. She did not know how to suck from a straw yet and had seldom been fed water from a cup direct. After teaching her a few times to drink from the cup which has quite a big slit, she started to realise that water was flowing out from the cup. I left her alone with the cup, and she began to pick it up and started her own 'water play'! She managed to get a good grip on the cup even though it had no handles, probably due to the texture of the sillicone and was happily pouring water all over! I would recommend this for older toddlers or toddlers who have learnt to drink on their own from cups.

I felt that the spoon was weirdly shaped. It has such a deep concave front that we could hardly scoop any porridge and rice and feed it to the baby. In the end, I just gave it to the baby whenever it was meal time to let her have a feel of having utensils in hand. Occasionally she will shove it into her mouth and chew on it as she is teething currently.

Adeline, mother of Anna who is 13 months old

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* This is a sponsored blog post by Spreesg.com.  All opinions & text are the moms above.

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